Pozijie,Taiping Street in Changsha

Taipingjie is Taiping Street, Pozijie is Pozi Street. Both Taijie Jie and Pozi Jiein are also the most famous old streets to attract tourists in Changsha City.The two old streets are nearby Huangxing Road , you can find the reall China life style in Changsha when you walk on the two ancient streets.

Taiping Street looked like the Nanluoguxiang and Yangdaixie Street in Beijing very much. And the surrounded snacks street was also like Di An Men and Dong Da Jie in Beijing. Taiping Street was also called Taiping Ancient Street. The ancient stone road was still there, but the buildings there had been rebuilt without the ancient style.

visit-shanggangtang-ancient-town-in-changsha-02.jpg visit-shanggangtang-ancient-town-in-changsha-03.jpg

Pozi Street was located on a slope, thus it got the name (“po(坡)” in Chinese means a slope). It was a snack street and next to big shopping center. So more crowded than Taiping Street.This shop is a shop selling weighing scales. The weighing scales here are old style which can not easily be found nowadays. 

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