Rock inscriptions In Huangshan

The 280 rock inscriptions and more cut on the surfaces of cliffs since Tang Dynasty culture, calligraphy and inscription skills into a whole. They are inscribed in the various calligraphy styles of Zhuan ( seal script ), Li ( ancient official script ), Kai( regular script ) and Cao ( irregular script ),ect., praising the wonderful views, or expressing emotion, or recording travels, relics and religious legends. The diameter of small character is only one meter or more, while that of a big one is several meters. For example, the diameter of the ten character on the wall of the Green Phoenix Peak( 1589 meters above sea level)is six meters, with that of the character" Ping " especially long-up to nine meters, which is really rare in the world. Particularly precious are " Ming Quan " and " Xi Bei Quan ", the scripts by the great poet of Tang Dynasty, Li Bai.

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