Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center

Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center is next to the New Jiuzhaigou Hotel. There will be evening show every night in Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center. Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center is reputed as the Second View in Jiuzhaigou after the first sightseeing-Jiuzhaigou landscape. This center gathers the most excellent players of Jiuzhaigou, the most famous singers and the heir of the rare-ancient musical instrument of Qiang race. Their programs really inflect the life of Qiang and Zang minorities. Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center provides bonfire party. The bonfire party is full Qiang and Tibetan folk flavors. Bonfire party also is the largest in scale and the only one to represent Jiuzhaigou folk culture perfectly. Every night when the lights are on, the actresses wearing flamboyant will stand in two lines to welcome the guests into the hall. Then there will be elegant Qiangzu girls to serve you Tibetan beverages and food such barley wine, Tibetan tea, grilled whole sheep and Tibetan snacks. There will also be beautiful girls and handsome boys to send their guests with pure white Khata (Hada). Hada is a traditional ceremonial scarf used among Tibetans. It usually made of silk symbolizes good will, auspiciousness and compassion. Gifting Hada to arrivals shows hosts' highly welcome towards guests. There are folk dances, musical performances such as Qiang fluting and unique singing. You can not help to join yourself into the ardent shows and performances.

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