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Malangzhi Yi Village

Malangzhi Yi Village 麻郎垤村 is located in Yuni Township of Panxian County, Liupanshui City. Listed as one of the most charmful ethnic minority villages in Guizhou Province, the Malangzhi Yi Village has 780 Yi ehnic people and 248 Yi ethnic households. 

Lying on the both sides of  Shuanglong River, Malangzhi Yi Village is a beautiful place. And it is famous for it unique culture of the Yi Minority. Visiting the village, you can have an experience  dfferent from other palces.

Travel Tips
Add: Yuni Township, Panxian County,Liupanshui City,Guizhou
Entrance Fee: CNY 50
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

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