Thinsgs to do in Hunan

Hunan is one of the  most important tourism provinces in China. It is located in South Central.of China which is lying on the south bank in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.Since it lies to the south of Dongting Lake, the second largest fresh water lake in China, it was given the name Hu-nan (literally meaning south of the lake). As the Xiangjiang River runs through the province from north to south, it has been shortened to Xiang.In Hunan, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Langshan Mountain, Laosicheng Site have been listed as the World's Heritage.Changsha, Shaoshan, Hengshan Mountain, Yueyang-Dongting Lake,Fenghuang Ancient Town are the most popular destinations to be after Zhangjiajie.

◎ Top things to do 

  1. Explore the amazing natural scenery

    Located in south central of China, Hunan is a beautiful and charmful province of China.When you travel to Hunan,the natural sceneries of Lanshang Mountain,Tianmen Mountain and Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie are the three must-see places for photography tour,trekking tour,adventure tour and holiday tour.Mengdong River Drifting and Maoyan River Drifting are the most popular two drifting sites in Hunan.Huping Mountain,Mangshan Mountain,Badagong Mountain,Tianmen Mountain,and Wulingyuan Scenic Area are the important and popular sites for your Ec-tour and Biological studying tour in Hunan.Donging Lak                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  2. Realize the colorful Huxiang Culture

    With over 5,000 years history,Hunan is praised as a geat province of culture in China.Hunan Culture is also called "Huxiang Culture".If you like history and culyure of China, Hunan is your must-visit place when you travel to China.Laosicheng World's Culture Heritage, Chengtoushan Historical and cultural Site,Mawangdui Han Tomb are the most three popular sites for Hunan Archaeological Tour.Yueyang Tower,Tianxin Pavillion,Yuelu Academy,South Great Wall,Taohuayuan Scenic Area are the must-see places for your Hunan Culture Tour.Phoenix Town,Hongjiang Ancient Town,Furong Ancient Town,Liye Ancient Town are the most famous four ancient towns with great attractions in Hunan.

  3. Experience real life-style of Hunan poeple

    With beautiful mountains and waters,Hunan has lots of natural rural sceneries to enjoy.Praised as "the land of rice and fish", Hunan is one of the most important agricultural provinces of China.If you want to escape your city,you can  go deeply to 48-Village Scenic Area and any other countryside to experience local people's life style and beautiful rice fields,rape flower fields,as well as hills with different colorful sceneries in different seasons.Laopeng Village,Luoping Village are the tow most amazing sites with beautiful countryside scenery.

  4. Eating Hunan Delishes

    As the land of rice and fish, Hunan boats lots of special products and food.Hunan Cuisine is one of the eight most famous cuisines of China.If you are a fans of China and you travel to Hunan, we will guide you enjoy Hunan dishes at the famous and local restaurants,suc as Huogongdian Restaurants in Changsha,Mao's Family Restaurant in Shaoshan, Yindu Restaurant in Zhangjiajie,etc.

  5. Shopping in Hunan

    Shopping tour is rich and colorful in Hunan.If you travel in Hunan, Hunan Embroidery,Silk products,Hunan Tea are the most popular to buy.Certainly you can also buy more special products which you like at supermarket or store in Changsha, Zhangjiajie,Shaoshan,Yueyang,and Phoenix Town.All tour guides of VistAroundChina are forbidden to force any clients of ours to buy anythings.

◎  How to get ?

Transportation is very convenient in Hunan Province. Of cuase, tourists like to select Shanghai,Beijing,Hongkong, and Guangzhou as the gateway of China tour.Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport and Changsha Huanghua International Airport are the most two giggest airports in Hunan.Nowadays, Airport and flight has been opend in Changsha,Zhangjiajie,Changde Huaihua,and Hengyang City.Railway and Highway is very developed in Hunan.So,it is easily to entry and exit if you travel to Hunan...More

◎  When to go ?

Hunan is a comfortable place for people to stay and travel.You can select any time to visit Hunan and enjoy different colorful sightseeings in different season.Four seasons are clearly in Hunan.If you want to get more information and plan your trip to Hunan,please read more about Hunan Climate and Weather.

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