Changsha Metro

Nowadays, Changsha metro Line 1 and Line 2 are in service.  The city is planned to have 12 metro lines, with a total length of about 456 kilometers (283 miles) and 333 stations. Among them, Line 4 shall serve the public at the end of 2018. Line 1 to Line 10 will run in the city area and the Line 11 and Line 12 are intercity lines. The first phase of Changsha metro line 3 are under construction and line 5 will open in 2020.

Changsha Metro Map

Changsha Metro Line 2, the first and a core line of east-west rail transit in Changsha, was open to traffic in December 2013. It runs through 3 passenger hubs of the city (West Station of Changsha, Changsha Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station) and 4 passenger flow collector-distributor centers (Yinwanzhen, Wuyi Square, Furong Square and Yuanjialing). The underground line stretches as long as 22.262 kilometers, consisting of 19 stations, among which 6 are transfer stations.

Changsha Metro Line 2 westward extension began operation in 2015 end,extending from Wangchengpo Station to Meixi Lake area, which adds the total distance of Metro Line 2 to 26.579 km. 

Metro Line 1 (Phase Ⅰ), starting from Kaifu District Government Station in the north and ends up at Shangshuangtang Station in the south, is scheduled to begin trial operation in first half of 2016. It will intersect with Metro Line 2 at the transfer station at Wuyi Square.


Single Trip Ticket: CNY2 within around 6km (4mi); extra CNY1 every a 5km (3mi) for increment within 16km (10mi); extra CNY1 every 7km (4mi) for increment within 30km (18mi); extra CNY1 for a 9km (6mi) increment over 30km (18mi).

Changsha Metro Lines to be Opened

As of April 2016, four Metro Lines were under construction in Changsha:

Metro Line 1 (PhaseⅠ) started construction at the end of 2010 and opened for trial run since March 21, 2016. All the gateways of its stations are under final construction.

Line 3 (PhaseⅠ) began construction in late 2013, with 25 stations in total. Houjiatang Station had been completed.

Metro Line 4 (PhaseⅠ) began construction in late 2014, scheduling to be open in the end of 2019. Twenty-five stations are planned along the line. Shawan Park and Changsha South Railway Station stations have been finished building, and Fubuhe Station will be synchronously built with Line 3.

Line 5 (PhaseⅠ) started construction at the end of 2015.

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