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Changsha City

Changsha is also the gateway of Zhangjiajie, it has adopted the 72-hour visa-free transit policy since January 1st, 2016. The policy is open to the passport holders of 51 countries transiting at Huanghua International Airport. With the implement of this policy, the city will welcome more visitors.
Facts of Changsha
Chinese Name: 长沙 Chángshð
Area: 11,825 square kilometers
Population: 6,130,000
Dialing Code: 0731
Postal Code: 410005
Government Location: Yuelu Dadao, Yuelu District
Dufu PavillionChangsha City lies in the northeast of Hunan Province, by the lower stretch of the Xiangjiang River. Changsha is one of the 24 historically and culturally renowned cities of the whole nation first announced by the State Council . With an area of 11,800 square kilometers and a population of 7.044118 million, it consists of six districts (Furong, Tianxin, Yuelu, Kaifu, Yuhua and Wangcheng), two counties (Changsha and Ningxiang) and one county-level city (Liuyang city). Changsha, the famous city in the Chu and the Han with a history of over 3000 years, is the provincial capital of Hunan, the political, economic, scientific, educational, cultural an business center of the province, and also a major collection an distribution center for capital funds, technologies and raw materials, as well as a major transport hub in central-south China. 
Changsha is located in the beautiful and richly endowed river-valley plain in the central part of Hunan Province, bordering on Luoxiao Mountain on the east, Wuling Mountain on the west, adjoining Dongting Lake on the north and bordered on the south by Hengshan Mountain. It has a moist monsoon climate of the subtropical zone. The average annual air temperature is 17.2℃ and the rainfall 1361 mm. The frostless period lasts 275 days and the yearly duration of sunshine amounts to 1600 hours. 

Changsha has 23 institutions of higher education. Its number of universities and college students ranks number one  in  China for every ten thousand citizens . At the moment, it has 35 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is one of the Chinese cities with a big scientific research contingent. Its internationally renowned scientists include Chen Guoda, founder of the theory of land depression and Yuan Longping, known "father of rice hybridization". Its rice hybridization, giant computer, biological and materials engineering technologies have reached the international advanced standards.

Changsha ranks 12th in overall strength among the 265 Chinese cities at and above the prefectural level. It is the home of famous brands and trade marks, like "Broad", "Baisha" and "Menadale". Changsha has established friendly ties with cities in a dozen countries, including Kagoshima in Japan and Saint Paul in the United States.

Changsha has jurisdiction over Furong, Tianxin, Yuelu, Kaifu and Yuhua districts, Changsha, Wangcheng and Ningxiang counties and Liuyang city. The total area is 1,800 square kms including 554 square kms of city proper are. The total population stood at 5,720,000 of whom 1,640,000 were not connected with agriculture.

Changsha, with a long history, rich natural resources, scenic beauty and outstanding personalities, is a famous place investing and initiating enterprises, engaging in business and spending holidays.

Mt. Shaoshan, about 130 kilometers south-west of Changsha is the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong. Today, the village has become a memorial place for Chinese people to remember this extraordinary man. People erected a statue of the Chairman and have preserved the houses he lived as a tourist site. A museum and other memorial spots in the scenic area create a kind of solemn atmosphere. Many Chinese come to pay respect and visit here during the memorial days.

In addition, the city was home to other revolutionary leaders including Liu Shaoqi, Huyaobang and former Chinese prime minister, Zhu Rongji. Therefore, it acts as a good place to learn more about China's recent history.Huaminglou, the hometown of Liu Shaoqi, has also been opened to the public.

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