Dayuan Miao Village

Dayuan Miao Village is 18 km away from  downtown Suining County, The village is built close to mountains and rivers, in front of which lays rolling paddy fields. Because of its livable and favorable environment, the long-history village was home to human beings as early as the Neolithic Age.

History of Dayuan Miao Village

Dayuan Ancient Miao Village is a building cluster of the Miao Nationality dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279) through the Qing Dynasty (1636 -1912). The village has magnificent architecture - the traditional old Miao buildings. It was a real piece of history! The people of the village still hold their original customs, rich and colorful connotation, values and way of life dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasty (1368-1912).

Features of Dayuan Miao Village
The village leaves visitors in awe that they have preserved for so long, not letting the outer modern world influences it. The village is surrounded by impressive wooden buildings surrounded by a beautiful bamboo forest. From the village, tourists can visit the ancient "Dingyuan Bridge", which is still standing strong albeit its wooden structure.

The village not only reflects traditional Chinese culture, but also become an important physical evidence for studying architectural styles of Miao and Dong ethnic groups. A series of TV dramas are set in the mountainous regions for the village’s unique and simple landscapes. The famous movie “Postmen in the Mountains”, which won Best Film at the Golden Rooster Awards in 1999, was filmed here.

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