Culture of Shaoyang

Walking on Stilts
During major festivals in the countryside, people give shows by walking on stilts. They wear heavy make-ups and are dressed in stage costumes to play Dragon Dance and Lion Dance and do sword stunts. The most attractive item is the show about Tang Sanzang, a Buddhist monk in Tang Dynasty(618AD-907AD), and his three disciples traveling to the west to fetch Buddhist scripture.

As a kind of folk art performed on a high platform, the tale-based Performance in Majitang Town is different from stilts walk. A three-odd-meter-high steel drive shaft is fixed on a platform, and Stones and blocks of iron are placed beside the platform to make the center of gravity stable. Little boys or girls made performances on the steel drive shaft according to the stories of "Xu Xian Walking Along the West Lake", "Niu Lang and Zhi Nv (two lovers in the legendary Chinese love story)", Monk Tang’s pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, etc, with ludicrous act and smile. This kind of performance is particularly popular at the Lantern Festival or on a joyful event, attracting local villagers or the people in the neighborhood.

Wugang Silk String

It is said that Wugang silk string was brought by Zhu Mu, son of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty, from his hometown Fengyang (now in Anhui Province). It has enjoyed constant praise and involvement for a long time in Chinese folk art forms. Compared to Changde silk string, its melody is different and soft.

According to performance styles, there are some popular tunes, ditty and playlet. When they are played, a sound which is pleasing, graceful and cheerful is produced.. Hundreds of melodies like Little Four Scenes and Grand Four Scenes have been preserved and played even today, although it is not easy to find someone who plays it as good as old times.

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