Liling Ceramic Art City

Liling Ceramic Art City is the first phase of Liling Porcelain Valley. It is a large-scale industrial development project with the theme of promoting ceramic culture in Liling. Covering an area of 180 acres and a construction area of about 70,000 square meters, it was fully completed in 2014.

Liling Ceramic Art City uses ceramic ware as the architectural appearance and is designed by the Italian Archaic Office. It is a high-quality ceramics industrial park with international influence.
Luling Ceramic Art City project combines exhibition, accommodation, greening, and production functions to build 11 individual buildings including the Liling Ceramic Museum, the Ceramic Commodity Exchange Building, the Ceramic Cultural Theme Hotel and the Master Building, which is currently the largest shaped building in China's ceramic industry. group.
Liling is China's "Porcelain City", famous for its national porcelain, red official kiln, and underglazed multi-colored porcelain. It is one of the eight major ceramic producing areas and a famous historical and cultural city in China. Liling porcelain industry, as the first pillar industry of Liling's economy, occupies an important position in Liling's economic development and social livelihood.

It is only 24 minutes from Changsha South Station to Liling High-speed Railway. The bus station is across the road from Po Valley, and bus No. 4 can directly reach Liling Railway Station.

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Address: Liling Porcelain Valley, Area A, Fenghuang Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Liling City, Zhuzhou City
Phone: 0731-23388566
Opening hours: 09: 00-21: 00.

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