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Yangshao Grand Canyon

Yangshao Grand Canyon is located in Mianchi county, the birthplace of Yangshao Henan Province. It has a length of more than 50 km and a total area of 56 square kilometers. There are six well-known scenic areas in the canyon: Shenmingxia Gorge, Shenguixia Gorge, Longhuxia Gorge, Jindengxia Gorge, Woyangxia Gorge and Hanging Coffin Gorge.

Yangshao Grand Canyon is characterized by its dangerous, strange, deep and remote landscape. Its grand scale attracts tourists all over the world. It is a natural oxygen bar and storehouse of strange stones and waterfalls. It has many resources and is worth exploration. It enjoys a convenient transportation network and is easy to access by air, rail and road.

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Address: Provincial Highway 247, Duancun Township, Dianchi County, Sanmenxia City
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