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Shopping in Lijiang

Lijiang City is almost filled with the inn and the shop. In Lijiang, tourists really can buy a lot of goods, consumers in all age can find the suitable things here. Of course, the things for sale are mainly concentrated in the woodcarving, yak, spirulina, handmade silver, golden key, batik, mosuo hand weaving, wind chimes, national costumes, puer tea, jade and so much beautiful local products.

What to buy in Lijiang?

No.1: Dongba paper crafts
In the mysterious Dongba culture, Dongba paper is an amazing Dongba art. Some people say that it is one of the world's most expensive paper, some people say that it is rare in the world in one thousand for it is still in good condition. Dongba paper production process from the mid Tang dynasty, and was originally used to copying texts or painting. Now it has now developed into all kinds of handicrafts, such as books, postcards, bookmarks, lampshade, etc. The person who is in pursuit of elegant and refined handicrafts can buy some Dongba paper lampshade back. This kind of lampshade, which put and flatten a lot of different color plants in it.

No.2:  the shawl of Lijiang
Lijiang shawl’s quality is the same, ordinary costs between 20-30 Yuan. Colorful shawl is the first choice for the girls, businessmen will claim to the shawl they sell are hand-made, but who knows, so please don’t hope too much.

No.3: Puer Tea,  Gold and silver ware
When to buy this thing and artifacts, gold and silver ornaments and other high-end content need some identify knowledge. Yunnan is the home of Puer tea, the price is based on factors such as its year, producing area, variety, the cheapest tea also want to and a tea cake. If you are not a tea master, please don’t just listen to vendors and shopkeeper, if you want to buy you can go to a regular large stores to buy.

Where to buy in Lijiang ?

The most famous shopping center of Lijiang is Square Street, the most bustling area of the city. It provides another interesting experience to your trip. A large number of souvenir stores are located here, selling various kinds of decorations and handicrafts. Some shops are owned locals while others are opened by gold diggers from other places in China.

Dongba Pottery Shop
Location: No.72 Guangyuan lane, Guangyi Street, Ancient City area
Pottery shop is next to the longicorn’s larva shop, different shapes of pottery in the room and the room full of clay handicraft which has distinguishing feature hanging on the wall. Everything here let a person fondle admiringly, each work do not seem to pay attention to detail but more focus on a whole, is an abstract freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting techniques.

Baisuifang Silver Ware Shop
Location: No.108-109 Sifang Street,
Among Lijiang shop which sells silver work, Baisuifang Silver Ware Shop’s quality is guaranteed. The silver color is the best here, is authentic silver flakes, and lower than elsewhere in Yunnan. Like bracelet of a little bigger is S990 silver, small silver ornaments are S925 silver, so buying silver here is much cheaper.
Bunong Bell
Location: Big Stone Bridge, Sifang street, Lijiang City
Bunong Bell is a kind of jingle bell pendant of extremely rich characteristics, with a caravan of. The caravan cultural goods, all is designed by the shopkeeper himself, pure handmade. Delicate and small under the bronze bell system has a circular piece of wood, hand-painted a variety of painting.

Dongbai Paper Workshop
Location: No.179 Cuiwen section, Xinhua Street, Lijiang Ancient City
Dongba paper is a very magical thing, using unique mountain wild rare plants Yao flower of Lijiang Naxi areas as material, through processes of manual craft handed down from the older generations of Dongba, is the thickest in Chinese all handmade paper, resistance to wear. In the traditional Chinese handmade paper, only Dongba paper can be double-sided writing. Because Yao flowers have little poison, so Dongba paper have features of insect-resistant, decay resistance, long-time saving for eight hundred even to ten hundred years,. In Lijiang Dongba paper mill, tourists can make a Dongba paper out.

Zhongyi Market
Location: junction of Chuishui road and Xianghe road, Lijiang
Zhongyi market is a large farm products market, near the town of Lijiang and it reflect the real Lijiang life style and show what local people’s life is, you can also eat some snacks in the market, find some unique food of Lijiang, buy the most fresh ingredients, eat Lijiang cheap and delicious delicacies. Here almost covered all products in Lijiang, fresh fruit, handmade cakes, and to taste the most authentic fried potato

Bu Nong Ling (Bunong Bell)
The best place to buy the exotic Bunong Bell. Belles sold here are completed designed and made by the shopkeeper.
Location: East of the big stone bridge of Lijiang Old Town.

Dongba Ji Xiang Ling (Dongba Lucky Bell)
Location: No.1, Xinyuan Alley, Guangyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

Li Yin (Li's Silver)
A formal shop sells many kinds of hand-crafted silver ornaments.
Location: No.43, Guanyuan Alley, Guangyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

Sun Wood-carvings
Location: Mishi Alley, Xinyi Street, Square Street, the Old Town

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