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India-Zhangjiajie Tourism Cooperation Conference held in Zhangjiajie

On May 16, the India-Zhangjiajie Tourism Cooperation Conference was held in Zhangjiajie City. Liu Shaojian, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhangjiajie Municipal Committee, Mr. Lao Mo, President of the India-China Cultural and Art Exchange Association, and Mr. Yadav Vishal, Secretary General of the Indian Tourism Promotion Association, attended the meeting.
 India-Zhangjiajie Tourism Cooperation Confernce
At the conference, Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co.,Ltd  signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the Indian Tourism Promotion Association. The two sides agreed that  they will form a two-way close cooperation relationship in the next year between the front-end recruitment and landing services of the tourism business, which is unique in terms of geographical concept, and conduct regular exchanges and cooperation in product optimization, marketing innovation, and tourism market expansion. The Indian Tourism Promotion Association makes full use of various channels and media to promote the beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie in India. Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co.,Ltd has opened fast travel channels and related services for Indian tourists.
Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co.,Ltd
Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co.,Ltd has and related officials of the member companies and representatives of the Indian tourism companies, entertainment companies, magazines, etc., exchanged speeches on the promotion and tourism docking of Zhangjiajie Tourism in Indian market, and Indian film company to shoot and make movies in Zhangjiajie.

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