Shimen-Changsha Railway


Shimen-Changsha Railway is the railway from Shimen County to Changsha City. As one of the major railways, it was began to built in 1993, and it was opened in 1998. With a total length of 264 km, the Shimen-Changsha Railway starts at Shimen North Railway Station in Changde City, and it ends at Laodaohe Railway Station in Changsha City.The railway goes through Hunan Province and it crosses the four longest and famous rivers in Hunan province,such as Xiang,Zi,Yuan and Li River. It boasts 31 railway stations, 73 bridges and 18 canals along the railway.

Major Train Stations along Shimen-Changsha Railway
Shimen County Train Station
Also called " Shimen North Railway Station", it is located in Yongxing Avenue in downtown Shimen County.The train station was began to build in 1993,and was opened in 2013. Shimen North Railway Station,located in the meeting site of Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway and Shimen-Changsha Railway, is a hub of railway in northwest of Hunan Province.
Changde Railway Station
Changde Railway Station is located in Wuling District of Chngde City. It is 74 km away from Shimen North Railway Station, as well as 190 km away from Laodaohe Railway Station. Nowadays. the railway station is been rebuilding so as to be the high-speed railway station in the future.
Yiyang Railway Station
Yiyang Railway Station is one the important transport hub in north of Hunan Province. Located in Yingbin Road, the railway station was opened in 1997 and it also has been rebuilding as a high-speed railway station.
Laodaohe Ralway Station
Laodaohe Railway Station is the starting site of Shimen-Changsha Railway Station. It is located in Laodaohe Town of Kaifu District in Changsha City. And it is 264 km away from Shimen North Railway Station, 1573 km from Beijing North Railway Station, as well as 721 km from Guangzhou Railway Station.

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