Changde Travel Tips

Situated in the northwest of Hunan Province, Changde is a city nearby Zhangjiajie. With a population of 5.827 million, Changde is  home of ethnic minorities, such as Tujia, Uyghur. Changde Travel Tips offers usefull numbers,ethnic customs and culture,festivals,facts,etc of Changde City. Here we offer you  the following travel tips  so that  you can travel safely, smoothly and comfortably in Changde.

Safety in Changde
1. Keep your passport and other valuables with you.
2. When walking at Xingde Mountain and other scenic spots in Changde, please pay attention not to step on the air with your feet.

Staying in Changde
1. Four-star or five-star hotels are all in downtown Changde City, and the price is more expensive. And there are also some hostels,inns in the other scenic area.
2. Please close and lock door when entering or leaving the hotel room. Don't let strangers enter the room. 
Eating in Changde
There are some special snacks and delicious food for eating if you travel in Changde,  But we kindly remind you to pay attention to the following when eating.
1. Kindly please pay attention to healthy eating, don't eat cold food or drink raw water. 
2. Please dine at restaurants which your tour guide recommended.
3. Don't  buy drinks and food provided by unlicensed vendors or stalls.

Visiting in Changde
1. When you visit in Changde, kindly please follow your tour guide closely to avoid getting lost. Remember the mobile numbers of the tour guide in case you fall behind.
2. Don’t open an umbrella into the local people ’s home.
3. Don’t step on the threshold of other people ’s house.
4. Men and women cannot stay in the same room when staying local people ’s house.
5. Don't sit at the position of the God direction when visiting local  people ’s house.
6. Don't be close to married women when visiting local village.
7. Don't not whistle casually at local  village.
8.There are many tourists during China's National Day, Spring Festival and other holidays. We recommend that you do not travel to the ancient city of Phoenix during China's public holiday, and you go there at the rest time of all year round.

Shopping in Changde
1. Keep any things with you when you do some shopping.
2. Don't count the banknotes in your wallet in public when paying.
3. There are many shops that can be bargained. It is up to you to decide how much you want to cut, and it feels reasonable. There is no so-called minimum price.

Entertainment in Changde
1. There are less bars in other counties, but many bars in downtown Changde City. When night falls, there are many people singing, dancing and drinking there. It is a good place for people who like nightlife and expect to have “encounters”, but you must pay attention to your personal safety and property safety.
2. When you are free at night, you should go together and inform the guide or your other persons of the general activities and scope of activities.

Useful numbers in Changde
Police: 110
Fire alarm: 119
First aid: 120
Changde Central Bus Station: 0736-7088388
Changde Taohuayuan Airport: 0736-7382786
Changde Railway Station: 0736-2568222

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