Changde Dining

Changde is a famous food town in Hunan Province. It is well knows that Hunan is a place that likes to eat spicy food, but there are also many non-spicy foods there, and Changde has a lot of non-spicy foods. Friends who go to Hunan can go to Changde to taste the food of Changde. It definitely makes you feel a different Hunan. Let you know that Hunan is not only famous for being spicy, but also famous for its spicy food.

What to eat in Chngde?
Changde rice noodle
Changde rice noodle is very famous. The thin, long, round and smooth noodles is made of a mixture of rice flour and specially prepared condiments. The cooked noodles give you a lasting savor. The time-honored rice noodle restaurants are the Moslem First Spring, the Deaf Liu, the Xiongji and the Weiji.Especially, Jinshi Beef Rice Noodle is the best rice noodles in Changde.

Changde Sauce Duck
As one of the most famous foods in Hunan Province, the Sauce Duck is also a specialty food of Changde. It is made of lean meat-type lake duck and uses traditional secret processing technology to make the sauce duck very delicious. Xiaobian has a friend to go to Hunan and other places to play, will let friends to Xiaobian with a few sauce duck to come back to eat, because this taste really makes Xiaobian aftertaste.

Slag Pepper
It is a very special food in Changde. The practice of slag pepper is also very simple that the rice is ground into powder, then the long red pepper is chopped, then the salt is added to the pepper, stir well, and then Pour the ground rice flour into the pepper, mix well, and then put it in a jar and store it in a sealed container. Sealed for ten days, you can take it out and eat it.

Haozi Baba
Made of Artemisia annua L with rice, it is a food with unique flavor in Changde City. Every year in the lunar calendar in March, local peasants will go to pick fresh leaves of the Artemisia annua L, then wash them, mix sticky rice and glutinous rice flour, put them into the pot, steam them with a big fire, remove them after steaming, and then smash them with stone. And mix the appropriate amount of sesame and chili sauce, stir well, and put it in a wooden mold carved with various auspicious patterns to make a flat enamel. The taste is very delicious.

Popular Restaurants in Changde

Baijiayuan Food City
Add: Liuye Rd., Changde

Tel: (86)736-7703888


Wangzi Restaurant
Add: Renmin Mid. Rd., Changde

 Tel: (86)736-7211888


Yideyi Snack Bar
Cuisine: Special snacks
Add: By the Jindu Haoyuan Garden on the south Block of Wuling Rd., Changde
Tel: (86)736- 7261777


Tengji Jiusan Duck Conqueror
Cuisine: "Gold–Brand Whole Duck"
Add: Gaoshan St., Changde

Tel: (86)736-7224117


Dongyong Seafood Restaurant
Cuisine: Various beverage and food
Add: Wulingge Squre, Changde

Tel: (86)736-7221730

Food Streets in Changde

Gaoshan Street
It is a time-honored night street in the city of Changde. The most famous food stores there are Moslem First Spring and the Jiusan Duck Conqueror. "Spicy and Hot Pot" and barbecue stalls do a very brisk business at night.

Ji'e Alley
This side street of less than 100 meters long is lined with small shops serving breakfast and night snacks such as rice curd, sheets of dried bean curd, glutinous rice cakes and rice noodles dipped in beef soup.

Mamuqiao Bazaar
The bazaar opposite the Reemployment Market in downtown Changde boasts numerous snacks. "Fragrant and Spicy Crab", "Fragrant and Spicy Shrimp", "Flavored Shrimp" and "Flavored Crab" are the most favored ones.

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