Famous Universities in Changsha

As the capital city of Hunan Province, Changsha is the central of Hunan Province's education and culture. There are over 20 universities and colleges in Changsha City. Here lists top 4 universities in Changsha.

Central South University
Located in the south of the city, Central South University (CSU) is a comprehensive and key university under the direct administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Established in April, 2000 by the amalgamation former faculties of the Central South University of Technology, Hunan Medical University and Changsha Railway University, CSU is now the largest of its kind in Hunan Province and is among the thirty-two universities that were first to accede to the '211 Project'.
Getting there: Lishan Special line starts from the railway station in the east end of the city and the ending is the university.
The other two famous universities, Hunan University and Hunan Normal University are both located at the foot of the charming Yuelu Mountain on the west bank of the Xiangjiang River.

Hunan University
Hunan University is Changsha's famous 'Thousand-Year Academy'. Its predecessor, the Yuelu Academy, was a time-honored school that occupied an important place in China's history. This enhances the great reputation of the present institution that is a national comprehensive university with first-class educational sources.
The College of Chinese Language and Literature in Hunan University welcomes foreign students who desire to learn Chinese language as well.
Address: Lushan Nanlu, Changsha
Getting there: Take the Lishan Special line from the railway station in the east end of the city or alternatively take Tourist Bus No. 1.

Hunan Normal University
Founded in 1938, this is a famous academic institution of higher education with a full range of disciplines and boasts that it is one of the country's 100 key universities.
Its Chinese program was begun in the 1960s and was one of the first universities in Hunan Province or for that matter in China to enroll foreign students. The International College of Chinese Language and Culture at Hunan Normal University is in charge of the Chinese and Chinese culture programs for overseas students. It is also the KSK testing site for foreign students in that province.
The foreign student dormitory building is called Bamboo Garden with a comfortable environment at the foot of the famous Yuelu Mountain with a full range of excellent facilities including dining halls, kitchens and laundry rooms
Address: No. 36, Lushan Lu, Changsha
Getting there: Take the Lishan Special line from the railway station in the east end of the city or take Tourist Bus No. 2 to get to the university.

Hunan No.1 Normal College
Founded by imitating the Japanese architecture style, it was developed from the former Chengnan (City South) Academy in the Southern Song Dynasty(1127–1279). In the modern times of China, you may find, there is no other secondary school of teachers that has produced so many revolutionaries, educators, theorists and generals as Hunan First Normal University.

The school has been selected as an example of advanced education for teaching and scientific research. Its beautiful garden-style architecture has caused it to be chosen as an example of civilized building culture at the municipal, provincial, and national levels. The original campus has also been long designated as a major historical, cultural and patriotic site.

Hunan First Normal College has kept abreast of the times and blazed new trails showing the world a new face by upgrading its facilities and developing an amazing new campus.

Its solid reputation as a “thousand-year institution of higher learning and hundred-year normal school” was enhanced when it became the alma mater of such famous men as Mao Zedong, Cai Heseng, He Sheheng, Ren Bishi and so on. Here you can sit at the desk of young Mao Zedong and imagine the school time of the young man.

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