Dining In Huaihua

Huaihua Food is a kind of Hunan Food. It is characterized by its hot and sour flavor, fresh aroma, greasiness, deep color, and the prominence of the main flavor in the dishes. Huaihua food is hot because the climate in southwest of Hunan is very humid, which makes it difficult for human body to eliminate moisture. The local people eat hot peppers to help remove dampness and cold. The main cooking methods for Huaihua dishes are braising, double-boiling, steaming and stewing. It is also renowned for its frequent use of preserved meat in cooking.

What to eat to eat in Huaihua?
There are  beautiful mountains and rivers, rich in products, a variety of characteristic snacks and many local specialties. Here we recommend some famous snacks and food for you to taste while traveling in Huaihua. Typical courses include: Zhijiang Duck,Qianzhou White feather black-bone chicken,Tongdao Wecai Delicious ,Xupu Goose ,Yuanling Shailan Meat,  Chengxi Fire-Pit Fish. etc... More read:Famous Snacks in Huaihua  

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Zhijiang Duck  White feather black-bone chicken Xupu Goose
Yuanling Shailan Meat Chengxi Fire-Pit Fish Tongdao Wecai Delicious 
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Yuanling Crisp Sugar Jingzhou carved preserved fruit

Where to eat in Huaihua ?
Huaihua is the largest city and a transportation hub in western Hunan Province. The Miao and Dong villages, ancient towns,museums in the ancient Hongjiang City, Zhijiang County and Tongdao County are the main attractions in Huaihua. Here are some restaurants for your reference when dining in Huaihua City...More: Famous Restaurants in Huaihua

Recommended Chinese Restaurants in Huaihua

Jindou Village Farm Restaurant Tianranju Restaurant Xianwei Fashion Restaurant 

Recommended Western Restaurants in Huaihua

Jinglei Western Restaurant Zhijiang Dicos Restaurant Zhijiang Wallace Restaurant

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