Huangshan Local Products

Fermented Soy Bean: 
A local snack. Its main ingredients are high-quality soy beans and fresh bamboo shoots. After being well-cooked in pot, it is dried in the sun or on an oven. Then it is stirred in the original liquid and dried again. The process is repeated several times until it carries a unique flavour. The snack is easy to carry and with high nutrition. 
Winter-melon Dumpling: 
It was first cooked at Yingchun Restaurant in Tunxi 100 years ago. The main ingredients of the stuffing for dumping are pork, ham, mushroom and sesame. Frozen-rice Sweets: Before Spring Festival, every family in the countryside will make frozen-rice sweets. This custom has been handed down from nearly 1000 years ago. After being steamed, high-quality glutinous rice is dried and frozen in the open air, then fried in the pot to be popped. Then it is mixed with sugar. It becomes a cake with unity of colour, fragrance and taste.
Du-style Dried Bean Curd with Shelled Shrimps: a Xiuning local snake. Its produced at Du family's bean curd shop, well-known for its unique usage of raw material, exquisite way of preparing.
Hibiscus Cake:
People make fine glutinous rice into rice slices and fry them in the oil and then mix with refined sugar and maltose. The whole process is so complicated that there are very few factories which can produce this cake. In Huizhou, it is a local custom to entertain guests with this cake before or after Chinese Lunar New Year.
Fuling Rose Shortbread: 
The well-known traditional cake is made in Fuling Village, Jixi County. Since rose is one of the ingredients, the refreshment has the fragrance of rose. It is made of refined sugar, sesame, wheat flour, maltose, rose, green plum, preserved orange and red-and-green pickled fruit.
Kudzu Vine Starch Ball:
 A Huizhou local flavor. Extracted from the root of kudzu vine, the starch is used to make desserts in the countryside. It not only tastes and smells good, but also has the effect of refreshing one¡¯s heart and brightening one's eyes.
Hongtan Fermented Bean Curd: 
A local product in Hongtan Village, Yixian County. If you savour it, you can get the fragrant, sweet, sour, and spicy taste. The way of making it is different from that of making ordinary fermented bean curd. The longer it is stored, the better it tastes for it can carry the taste of a mellow wine.
Butterfly Noodle: 
A  Huizhou local flavor. It has a high prestige in Shanghai, Jiangsu and along the Yangtze River. In preparation, people cut noodles into rhombus shaped ones, fry them, then stir-fry with pork, bamboo shoots, shrimps, hams, mushrooms, green vegetables and so on.
Huangshan River Snail: 
A Huizhou local flavor. In Huangshan city, the unpolluted water and sandy riverbed breed high-quality snails. Their flesh is blue and white, tender and without the muddy smell.
Corn Cake:
A local refreshment in Shexian county. Local people use corn flour to wrap up some fresh vegetables and salted potherb as filling. Then press it into round cake. Cook it in a frying pan until the two sides are golden and the cake crispy.
Bean Curd Mouse:
A Huizhou local flavour. People use high-quality lean pork and bean curd as its main ingredients. Mixed with ginger , egg and salt , the meat is chopped as thin as possible. The minced meat is put on the wheat flour rolled so a white dough comes out. After being cooked, it looks like a mouse. The dish is tender and delicate, suitable for both young and old.

Hui-style Fried Noodle: 
A Huizhou local flavor. People use traditional knife-cut noodles in Huizhou-style to prepare. It is first fried with lean pork, then stewed with bamboo shoots, shrimps, water-soaked mushroom, lard and rice wine. It looks golden and smells fragrant.
Huizhou Pie: The stuffing is made of cooked and ground soy bean and fat. The dough is prepared by using boiling water. A gentle is used in baking. This local flavour is originated in Ming Dynasty. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong came to Huizhou in plain clothes and happened to taste it. After going back to his palace, he praised it highly and the food gained it fame since then.

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