Yiyang Dining

Yiyang Dining

Yiyang's preserved egg 
Yiyang's preserved egg  has a history of more than 500 years. With milky-white pine bough pattern on the surface of the egg white, the egg enjoys a cool and smooth taste which is really refreshing. They are not only nutritious, delicious and mellow, but also cool, refreshing and grease-free. Preserved eggs are easy to digest and have the functions of increasing appetite, reducing blood pressure and decreasing internal heat.Frequent eating can stimulate your appetite and improve your eyesight.

Anhua's Leicha Tea

Anhua Leicha Tea is a traditional drink of Hakka people. The tea is made from tea leaves, rice, sesame, soybeans, peanuts, salt, dried orange peels powder. It boasts the functions of relieving your thirst and satisfying your appitite.

Taohualun Snacks Street
Situated in the North Datao Road in the center of the city, the bustling snack street mainly provides baked food, prawns, various kinds of Hunan and Guangdong porridge, as well as other local snacks. Near the snack street, there are also many tourist attractions, such as Bailu Temple, Xiufeng Park, Huilong Mountain, Zishanhu Fitness and Leisure Resort, as well as Heshan Pedestrian Street.

Transport: Bus Nos. 7, 10, 11, 16, 20, 23 and 26

Famous Restaurants in Yiyang

Lanxi Chopped Cooked Entrails of Oxen Restaurant
Add: By Fenling Bridge, Lanxi, Yiyang
Tel: (86)737-4681361

Lanxi Chen Duoxi Restaurant (Soft-Shelled Turtles)
Add: Lanxi Town, Yiyang
Tel: (86)737-4681353


Huatian Hotel Food Street
Add: 2 N. Kangfu Rd., Yiyang
Tel: (86)737-4228888

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