Liuzi Temple

Liuzi Temple is located at Liuzi Street in Yongzhou City. This is a good place with a long history and beautiful scenery. There are many scenic spots and historic sites in Yongzhou City.

Liu Zongyuan (773-819 AD), a famous writer in the Tang Dynasty,  as well as one of the top eight literatures in the Tang and Song dynasties. Liu Zongyuan was demoted to Yongzhou's residence for 10 years because of his failure to participate in Wang Shuwen's reform. He wrote a large number of poems such as "Eight Records of Yongzhou", "Snow of the River" and "Snake Catcher". At the same time, because of his love for the people, he was widely loved by the people.

In 814 AD, the people of Yongzhou built Liuzi temple so as to commemorate the progressive thinkers, politicians and famous writer of Liu Zongyuan in the Tang Dynasty.  Liuzi Temple covers an area of over 2,000 square meters. It was built of brick and wood, facing Yuxi River, and backed by Qingshan Hill. The three-letter stone inscription on Liuzi Tmeple is emblazoned on the door of the temple. Liuzi Temple is the core attraction of Liuzi Scenic Area in Yongzhou City.
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Address: Liu Zongyuan Memorial Hall, Lingling District, Yongzhou City
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
Entrance FeesL CNY 30

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