Kunming Nightlife

Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, is one of the popular tourism cities on China.As as well as offering a wide variety of places to visit during the day,has a vibrant night life. As darkness falls a whole new range of interests await you.

For those people resident in this city who is enthusiastic about nightlife, Kundu night market will be the most familiar to them. It is a place that concentrates on dinning, tourism, shopping as well as culture. Here you can find Teahouse, coffee house, Internet bar, local snacks and so on, aiming at different kinds of people. Its location is right beside the Yunnan University. See the below carefully chosen activities:

Impression Yunnan Show
The Show is an original and primitive ethnic song and dance show, showing the different dances from the minorities in Yunan Province. 70% of the performers are from local ethnic villages in Yunnan Province and they energetically perform in their traditional costumes. Impression Yunnan Show is directed by Ms Liping Yang, who is a renowned dancer in China. She is also the starring performer in this show.
Time: 20:00-21:30 (Monday-Sunday)
Add : Yunnan Art Theatre ( No 132-134, West Dongfeng Road, Kunming)

Experience the Puer Tea Culture
Puer Tea is made into tea bricks after being steamed and compressed for easy storage. The taste changes according to the length of time it's stored; the longer it's stored, the better it tastes. Pu-erh Tea can be divided into cooked and raw types. The cooked types are the varieties that have gone through a process which accelerate post-fermentation, while the raw types are the varieties that have gone through the process of gradually darkening by exposure to the environmental elements instead of fermentation. And this is why the teas are labeled with the region and the year it was produced.

Hump Pub
The most famous in the city, supplying all sorts of wine, beer, also internet service, and performance by an energetic band on weekends. Here is a gathering place for the visitors to exchange experience. If you are lucky enough, you may even encounter some expert.
Address: Luyou Shangsha, Jinbi Road,Kunming City

Face to Face Coffee House
It is run by a famous local painter, thus be full of cultural atmosphere. Tasting a cup of coffee here, you'll also have the chance to communicate with some artists, view and admire the  host's works. On every Friday, the bar will hold art performance and intercourse.
Address: No. 47, Wenlin Road,Kunming City

New Kunming Cinema
For those who'd like to relax in a cinema, New Kunming Cinema in the middle part of Nanping Road is the very one can meet your high requirements. 10 movie halls, family balcony, song and dance performance hall, drink house, snack bars take care any of your desire.

Besides, Xijie Bar in Wenlin Jie and Yihuchun Tea House in Cuihu Nan Lu are also recommended.

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