Kunming Dining

Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, has a concentration of all styles of Yunnan cuisine and snacks. The flavour of Yunnan – neither spicier than that of Guizhou, nor more tingling than that of Sichuan. However, it is its distinct flavour that makes food in Yunnan outstanding in ethnic and local features.  Since the locals are fond of eating, it will be quite convenient for travelers to explore Yunnan food. While Yunnan rice noodle is McDonald for residents in Kunming, wild mushrooms are gifts from Mother Nature. Neither of them can be missed whenever traveling in Kunming! Certainly, different food of the world can also be found if you do not feel accustomed to the Yunnan cuisine.
Whhat to eat in Kunming?
There are many local draditional snacks while you walk along  the streets in Kunming City. If you travel to Kunming, you should taste local food, snacks and dishes.

Cross-bridge Rice Noodle (过桥米线)
Yunnan rice noodle, or cross-bridge rice noodle is to Yunnan people what McDonald is to the Americans. It has a history of more than a hundreds' years, but spread to Kunming only fifty years ago. Locals love it because on one hand, it can be served as either staple or snack, on the other hand, it is tender nutritious and refreshing.

Wild Mushroom (野生菌)
Yunnan is the kingdom of wild mushrooms. Of six hundreds edible fungi around the world, three hundreds of them are available in Yunnan province. Owing to the rich amino acid, deliciousness, nutrition, edible fungi are notable as treasure of the Mother Nature. Some world-famous ones include tricholoma matsutake, collybia albuminosa, boletus and so forth.

Steamed Chicken, Yunnan Style (汽锅鸡)
The way of making steamed chicken of Yunnan style is sophisticated in that its ingredients are unique and should be cooked in clay-made steamer. Only in this way can you have the authentic dish. The tender chicken and delicious soup will lead you to endless aftertastes.

Where to eat in Kunming?
Kunming is a paradise of gourmet. Then where to eat in Kunming?  Here we recommend several famous gourmet blocks and food streets in Kunming to show you where to eat delicious foods in Kunming.

Beijing Road Food Market
Beijing Road food is given priority to with Seafood Street behind the Golden Dragon Hotel, although there is fewer seafood restaurants, other flavor is very rich. There was first introduced Brazil barbecue of Kunming, Shanghai cuisines in Shanghai Jinhua Hotel. In there not only you can taste the flavor of the Chinese metropolis Shanghai, also you can see the night scenery at Beijing road in the heart of the city of Kunming. Restaurant in Shanghai Jinhua Hotel is one of the most romantic restaurants in the south of Kunming. In this area, there is Laodong porridge imperial tea restaurant, Fuzhao restaurant Jinjiang branch, three trees pig feet hot pot and so on which formed a new food territory in Kunming. And Fuzhao Restaurant Jinjiang Branch within this area is the highest grade of Yunnan cuisine restaurant, which mainly provides Yunnan steamed-pot chicken.

Sanshijie Food Market
Taking Youth Road as the center to Sanshi street, Wucheng Road and Cuihu, there are many fast food or western restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, pizza hut, UBC coffee, a lot of world brand restaurant chains have take the place of largest flow in Yunnan to attract children and the younger generation to have meals. Besides fast foods or western restaurants, there is also batch of Yunnan flavor restaurants, like Yunhexiang Retaurant, Sister Su Hotpot, Xiangyun Food City, and Dade restaurant etc., forming one of the most popular food paradises in Kunming center. In recent years, all across bridge rice noodle chain restaurants gathered here and became one of the best places for foreign visitors enjoy the cross bridge rice noodle. In this area, the characteristic flavor of Yunnan and the historical appealing exotic restaurant is one hundred years old cartilage that general Cai E with Xiaofengxian once lived. Its environment and delicious food is first-class, it is currently the best Yunnan flavor restaurant, where collects homely food of Yunnan delicacies there in Kunming.

Xiba Road Food Market
Xiba Road food area is mainly Guizhou flavor as the theme, in addition to 5 or 6 Guizhou home restaurants, there is also Yunnan flavor cuisine restaurant, Sichuan cuisine restaurant in the Xiba road. In the intersection of Xiba Road, there are three famous Guizhou soup goose hotpot restaurants, gastrodia elata ham and chicken hotpot restaurant, Liuyishou hot pot Xiba restaurant. Alongside there is a Xuanwei pig meal that has Yunnan local dishes, which is delicious and cheap. Xiyuan south road has a famous old restaurant that used ham as mainstream products. Here is cool white meat, golden sliced potato, and others special dishes are best selling.

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