Cloud Sea of Mt Tianmen

Picture Introduction

Tianmen Mountain takes its name after the Tianmen Cave, a natural karst cave under the mountain. The mountain is relatively gentle, full of old trees, winding vines, mosses, stalagmites, sits upon 494 acres. The rare mountaintop scenery makes it the most beautiful sky garden world over, and a paradise. Owing to this, it became Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, a national forest park in 1992. The plank road and glass skywalks on the cliffs are worthwhile going. The mountain summit of a height of 4,982 feet (1,518 meters) is about 5 miles from the downtown Zhangjiajie.

After the rain in Zhangjiajie, the mountains and the peaks of the Tianmenshan National Forest Park are more beautiful. The peaks are high and the clouds are low, and the mountains are towering, and the clouds are winding around. The peaks sometimes reveal a beautiful "face", sometimes shy and hide in the clouds; the sea of clouds sometimes surges, sometimes surrounded by flowers, spectacular...Showing the world of dreams.
Under the backdrop of the blue sky and the green hills, the sea of clouds forms a layer of ink painting with different artistic moods, which makes tourists fascinated by the beautiful scenery.