Yuelushan Scenic Area

Yuelun Hill Scenic Area, known as Yuelu Hill Park, is a national key scenic area. Located on the bank of Xiang River of the ancient city of Changsha, the Yuelu Hill Scenic Area is consisting of natural scenery of hills, river, lake, flora and fauna, and humanistic attractions of cultural relics, modern celebrities’ tombs, and modern revolutionary historical sites.

What to see?
The opened scenic zones of Yuelu Hill Scenic Area are Lushan Scenic Area and Juzi Zhoutou Scenic Area (literally orange beach scenic area), of which the Lushan Scenic Area is the heart of the whole Yuelu Hill Scenic Area, in which there are Yuelu Academy, Aiwan Pavilion (Love Dusk Pavilion), Lushan Temple, Yunlu Temple, Neo Democrats historical site, etc.

Yuelu Hill
Yuelu Hill is one of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain of Hunan Province (one of the Five Mountains of China). Considered an assembly of essence of Hunan Culture, the Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism coexist in Yuelu Hill. And numerous places of historical interests and scenic beauty of Yuelu Hill include Yuwang (King Yu) Stele, stupa, Flying Stone, Baihe Spring, etc. In addition, the Yuelu Hill offers rich plant species, namely, 977 species belong to 174 categories, including a large amount of ancient trees, such as podocarpus of Jin Dynasty (266-420), gingko of Tang Dynasty (618-907), camphor tree of Song Dynasty (970-1279), and so on. Every time when autumn turns into winter, the red maple and oranges on the branches adds great glamour to Yuelu Hill.

Love Dusk Pavillion
Originally built in 1792 during Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) by the director of Yuelu Academy, the Aiwan Pavilion, or Love Dusk Pavilion is one of the Four Most Famous Pavilions of China providing superb natural beauties. Well-known for a famous poem by Tang poet Du Mu, from which the name of the pavilion came, the Love Dusk Pavilion was also one of the favorite sites of Chairman Mao in his early years. When Chairman Mao studied in Changsha, he usually came to Yuelu Academy and Love Dusk Pavilion with his classmates for free talking and discussing on politics.

Yuelu Academy
Yuelu Academy, located at the foot of Yuelu Hill in Changsha City, was praised as one the top four ancient academies in China. With over 1,000 years history, Yuelu Academy is one of the top attractions in Changsha,capital of Hunan Province. Today, Yuelu Academy, which has undergone restorations, has been listed as a key historical site under the state protection. It still shoulders the responsibility of conducting academic researches and training professionals.

Lushan Temple
Another famed stele in Yuelu Hill, the Lushan Temple Stele is nearly 3 meters high and over 1 meter wide. The article on it was written by famous writer, and the calligraphy by famous calligrapher, and the stele caved by greatest caver all in Tang Dynasty that made this stele so famous attracting many scholars and literati in all ages to admire and write numerous praising poems and sentences. The article of the stele is the history about the Lushan Temple from its founding in Jin Dynasty (265-274) to the Tang Dynasty when the stele was erected, and the natural beauty of Yuelu Hill was described as well.

Tombs of Chinese Modern Revolutionary Pioneers

In Yuelu Hill, there are many tombs of Chinese modern revolutionary pioneers and martyrs scattered among verdant pines and cypresses. A historical site for modern revolutionaries, Yuelu Hill became a popular last resting place for many of these greatest, including Huang Xing, Cai E, Chen Tianhua, Jiang Yiwu, etc.

Yuwang Stele (禹王碑, King Yu Stele)

Located at the left of Yun Peak of Yuelu Hill, the King Yu Stele is the symbol of the ancient culture of Yuelu Hill, which was carved in Song Dynasty with 9 lines and 77 characters in total in peculiar ancient character style. A stele said to be firstly erected by the great King Yu (a great flood controller of Yellow River, as well as the father of the founder emperor of Xia Dynasty, 2100 B.C.-1600 B.C.), it was discovered in Ming Dynasty and then popularly copied and erected in other 10 various regions.

Travel Tips
Add: West of Changsha City, Hunan,China
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 50 foR Yuelu Academy;  CNY 30 for trams; CNY 60 for round trip cable cars

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