Orange Island Park

Orange Island Park, known as " Juzizhou Park, is an islet in Xiangjiang River, Changsha City. As early as in Tang Dynasty, oranges were produced abundantly and sold to distant Jianghan areas. Juzizhou had been a famous scenic spot of Hunan Province since the ancient time. It is a place with the scenery of "snow on the river", one of the eight sceneries of ancient Xiaoxiang.

Juzizhou Changsha

Juzizhou is a bridge where the present meets the past. It adds a profound cultural legacy to Xiaoxiang culture. Zhuzhang Ferry, a ferry for Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi coming from the south to take a boat to Yuelu Academy and Chengnan Academy for giving lectures, describes the grand situation of Hunan students coming for study eight hundred years ago; Shuilu Temple and Gongji Tower are telling the prosperity of religious culture in Yuan Dynasty; the sound of clarion for Zeng Guofan training Hunan navy force is lightly vaguely sounded in the sky above Juzizhou; Weather-beaten foreign consulate and advanced villas witnessed the history after Changsha became a commercial port; When Mao Zedong was standing at Juzizhou, he threw such a question to the vast sky—"asking the vast land, who will determine the ups and downs". He changed the process of Chinese history and showed special preference to Juzizhou.

Kejia Museum on Orange Island
Kejia Museum on Orange Island was opened to the public for the first time on March 29,2017.The museum's premier exhibition features ancient jade sculptures and traces the development of the precious stone throughout China's history. The museum feature porcelain, golden vessels and bronze wares, according to Kejia manager Hu Chunxia. Kejia Museum is the result of a refurbishment and restoration project on Orange Island's four-story pagoda-style Gongji building, covering a total area of 1,500 square meters.

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