Charm West Hunan Ticket Booking

The Show of is a large song and dance bonfire performance put on at the Charming West Hunan International Cultural Square in zhangjiajie every evening. On the basis of maintaining the original customs and culture of West Hunan, the performance has upgraded the music of ethnic groups and perfectly combined the traditional ethnic arts and skills with the sound, light and electricity technologies for the modern stage. The performance includes the typical local folk customs, such as "wedding lament", "corpse driving", witchcrafts, climbing the knife mountain, crossing the fireplace, as well as the modern songs and acrobatics, fully displaying the customs and lifestyle of the ethnic minority groups in West Hunan and reflecting the original culture of West Hunan.

Tour Code: ZJJH-T008
Tour Type: Ticket Booking
Duration: 19:00-22:30
Add:Meilixiangxi Theather, Huajuan Road,Wulingyunan District, Zhangjiajie City


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