Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve

Located near Jiangkou Town in Hengnan County, the Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve is an island for bird-watching and birding tour. Being home to geese, cranes, egrets, and other birds, Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve is another popular attraction which is 41 kilometers from Hengyang City.

Jiangkou Niaozhou Nature Reserve is the smallest protected area with the richest bird resources.The island is Rare bird species such as white cranes and white egrets inhabit on the island. There are 181 bird species here, including Siberian Crane(Grus leucogeranus), Mandarin Duck(Aix galericulata). Endangered bird species in this area include Oriental Stork(Cicnia boyciana), Swan Goose(Anser cygnoides), Baikal Teal(Anas formosa).The warm and comfortable climate and the beautiful natural scenery are additional appeals to tourists.

Travel Tips

Add: Jiankou Town, Hengnan County, in Hengyang  City,Hunan Province
Transport: Take tourist buses in Hengnan County
Tel: 0734-8017818
Admission: CNY 20 
Favorite season to travel: May to October

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