Famous Delishes and food in Huaihua

Located at the junction of Guangxi, Guizhou, and Hunan, Huaihua City is a settlement of the Dai and Miao nationalities. There are  beautiful mountains and rivers, rich in products, a variety of characteristic snacks and many local specialties. Here we recommend some famous snacks and food for you to taste while traveling in Huaihua.

Huaihua Food.jpgZhijiang Duck
Zhijiang Duck is a famous specialty food of Dong ethnic group in western Hunan Province. The world-famous Zhijiang duck, with its long history, has perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. The traditional custom of eating duck and sending cooked duck to relatives and friends every Mid-autumn Festival can date back to Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) in Zhijiang, The unique aroma of Zhijiang duck is mainly due to the special temperature and ingredients used in its preparation in the autumn and winter seasons of Zhijiang.

White feather black-bone chicken
It is mainly produced in the foothills of Xuefeng Mountain. Black-bone chicken meat is delicate and delicious, with extremely rich nutrition. It also has a lot of medicinal and edible values. The crude protein content is over 23%. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and contains more than ten essential amino acids. White feather chicken is also widely used to treat diseases such as weakness, dizziness, gynecology, etc. It is a nourishing and nutritional product for the physically weak after the illness and the elderly, children, and mothers.
Tongdao Wecai Delicious
Weicai, Osmunda (OsmnundacinnamoneaL.Var.asiatica),  is a perennial herbaceous fern of the genus Asteraceae. Its young leaves are top quality for edible vegetables. The Tongdao Wecai,from Tongdao County in Huaihua City, is fresh and tender, crisp and little fiber, delicious and refreshing, rich in nutrition. It has the functions of clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and smoothing eyesight. Diseases such as sores are a popular food product for consumers.

Xupu Goose
Xupu Goose, from Xupu County in Huaihua City, is one of China's finest poultry breeds. It is not only a delicate and delicious dish with unique flavors, but also an excellent nutritional health product which has always been loved by people. Especially, Xupu goose and goose fatty liver are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and European and American countries. Xupu goose fatty liver is regarded as "aristocratic food" in many western countries. Almost everyone eats a piece of goose fatty liver on Christmas.

Yuanling Shailan Meat
With a history of more than 300 years, Yuanling Shailan Delicious,from Yuanling County in Huaihua City, is famous for its unique traditional dishes and treasures on the table.
Yuanling Shailan Meat is made from fresh and lean meat on the back leg of the pig. After removing the bones, it will be cut into  lots of thin slices, mixed them with 7 kinds of ingredients such as refined salt, pepper, rice wine, etc., and then put in marinate , baked with smokeless charcoal. Yuanling Shailan Meat is fried with vegetable oil, which has high nutritional value.

Chenxi Huokang Fish
Chenxi Huokang Fish, also known as Chengxi Fire-Pit Fish, is one of the famous traditional dishes in Huaihua City. The Fire pit fish is limited by seasons and production, it must be made of living fish salvaged from the clear stream. The fire pit fish is exquisitely made with complicated procedures and strict selection of materials. First, open the fresh fish, remove the internal organs, sprinkle the salt and condiments on the fish, and air dry in the shade. Then put it in a wok with fresh rice, sesame oil and other condiments, and slowly cook it over high heat. It tastes delicious.

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