Lhasa Shopping

How about Lhasa Shopping?  Barkhor Street is  a major place for tourists to do shopping in Lhasa. There are all kinds of Tibetan ornaments, Nepalese jewelry and ornaments, small crafts, musical instruments, carpets, tapestries, Thangka, etc. In Barkhor Street, things which are generally one-third of the price can be traded. There are also some street peddlers selling manufacture in a rough way.

What to buy in Lhasa ?

Tibetan Carpet:  Tibetan carpet, Persian carpet and oriental artistic carpet are reputed to be the best three kinds of carpets in the world. Tibetan carpet is a symbol of the traditional Tibetan arts and crafts. With over 900 years' history, a distinctive production procedure has been formed, including spinning, dyeing, weaving and trimming and so on.Nowadays, Tibetan carpets are always a hot seller both home and abroad.  What make the carpets so popular? That is the quality raw material, natural dye stuff,various designs and special weaving methods which together show the unique charming of local flavor.

Thangka: Thangka is a religious scroll painting whose theme are always Tibetan Buddhism. Thangka drawing pigments made from natural colored minerals. As the minerals are ground into powder, then reconcile with animal glue and ox bile. Thangka is colorful and the color of which won’t fade over the years.

Tibetan Knife:  Tibetan knife is an essential tool for Tibetan men as they can not only hunt for self-defense, but also can be used as tools and utensils. Tibetan knives steel is good and beautifully decorated. Tibetan knife can highlight the Tibetan man’s sturdy temperament. Lazi County and Chamdo region produced the most famous Tibetan knives.

Tibetan Bowls:  Tibetan bowls have good heat insulation and they are lightweight and portable. So the bowls are usually used for drinking the Tibetan tea. Tibetan bowls are divided into two types: an ordinary type and a precious type. The ordinary type is made of Paulownia, birch and other roots and it is simple polished without extra decoration, low price. The precious type is a selection of rare, dense wood. The color are usually black, mostly wrapped in silver inlay. It looks gorgeous and noble with high price.

Tibetan Medicine:  Tibetan medicine are known in the world. The famous herbs are saffron, Chinese caterpillar fungus, lotus, etc. As well as Tibetan medicine in secret preparation, processing, processing of all kinds of magical Tibetan medicine, such as the famous "RNSP" and so on. The best place to buy Tibetan medicine is the Tibetan hospital which are opposite to the Jokhang Temple Square.

Tibet Wool: Tibet wool is a Tibetan title. In fact, it is a kind of hand-woven wool blankets. Good Tibet wool using high quality wool, weave fine solid which feels soft. Either used to pave or cover, they are very practical. The Tibet wool produces especially in Gyantse region are better.

Where to buy ?

Rhyme of Tibetan Art
Rhyme of Tibetan Art is a relatively big store which sells Tibetan handicrafts. The first floor of the store is used to sell goods while the second and the third floor are used to accept tourists. The second and the third floor mainly sells oil paintings related to Tibet.

Shopping Street
Minzu shopping mall is beside the Jokhang Temple Square. The prices here are relatively fair and the quality is relatively good. As a result, it is a good place for tourists to go shopping. As for Tibetan medicine, Chinese caterpillar fungus and saffron, remember not to buy them there if you don’t know how to distinguish them.

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