Lhasa Nightlife

Lhasa nightlife begins with food and drink. About 21:30 in the evening, Lhasa slowly gets dark. Some sweet tea houses are still open on big streets and small alleys. Sweet tea is a kind of drink left by English people and it has become the most popular leisure style of Tibetan people. Therefore, Tibetan people has formed the habit of killing time in sweet tea houses.To visitors here, nightlife activities are often limited to watching a Tibetan singing and dancing show, taste snacks around the night market, or find a decent pub or bar for a drink with friends.
Entertainment in Lhasa
Tibetan singing and dancing show-- called Langma opera in Tibetan. Originally, Langma meant 'royal music' in Tibetan but, over time, the opera became a favorite among locals and commoners. Xinshiji Langma Hall is one of the more authentic and pleasurable places to watch the performance, where visitors can drink beer and enjoy the dance in a truly cultural environment.

Teahouse, Bar, club in Lhasa
There are lots of Sichuan people in Lhasa, the nightlife in Lhasa is somewhat leisure which is the same with that in Chengdu. Being influenced by Sichuan people, more and more Tibetan people accept the concept that nightlife begins with food and drink. They care little about where to eat but care more about whom they eat with. The places where Tibetan people spare their nightlife ca be divided into such categories: coffee house, sweet tea houses, Langma halls and bars.

Barkhor Coffee House
It offers coffees and other drinks. Both Chinese food and western food can all be found in Barkhor Coffee House. Business area is large and bright with a total of 40 tables.
Add: the second floor of the south side of the Jokhang Temple Square
Hours: 14:00~23:00
Tel: 0891-6326892

Makye Ame Bar
Makye Ame Bar is the most famous bar in Lhasa. Dalai Lama VI Tsangyang Gyatso whose love poem had made the bar known to the world. Thousands of domestic and foreign visitors come there to look for preexistent nostalgia.
Add: the southeast edge of Barkhor Street, Chengguan District
Hours: 9:00~24:00
Tel: 0891-6328608

Revolution Sweet Tea House
Revolution Sweet Tea House is a popular tea house in Lhasa. It was opened in 1982 and by 2010, it has three stores which are located in the west of Lhasa City People's Stadium (headquarters), the east side of the stadium, near Beijing west Road Lhasa Customs House. Teahouse are divided into the inside room and the outside room. The interior of the tea house is shabby. Lhasa men and women who crowded on a long bench, with one swing looks, feels like a large dining hall in the past.
Add: the west of Lhasa City People's Stadium
Hours: 8:00~22:00
Tel: 13989909295

Tangula Wind
Tangula Wind is a famous Langma hall in Lhasa. Not only hordes of foreigners are attracted to go there, the locals also love to go with his family to chat there in Langma hall. Walking into the Tangula Wind, you can see posters of singers and performers who played in it.
Add: No.57 Hedong Road

Travelers Bar
Location: East Beijing Road
Features: Backpackers' favorite.

Music Kitchen
Location: No.77, West Beijing Road
Features: Western drinks and food, elegant atmosphere.


Night Market In Lhasa
The most famous night market in Lhasa, is Tianhai Night Market on the west suburb of city. Visitors from home and abroad are enchanted by the many stalls of snacks, fruits, and handicrafts lining the street. Each night, the street is crowded and illuminated. Tianhai Night Market is known for its great variety of goods and for being cheaper than the market on the Barkhor Street.

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