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Travel to Tibet, Lhasa is the best dining places throughout Tibet territory, mainly in Tibet and Sichuan-based meals. There are also some Nepalese and Indian restaurants in Lhasa. Sichuan food's price is slightly more expensive than the mainland, but the taste is not bad. In recent years, some small restaurants which pay attention to the mood and theme are also slowly developed in Lhasa.

What to eat?

Sweet Tea:  Lhasa sweet tea has a history of more than a century which has become a beautiful specialty drinks in Lhasa food culture. Lhasa sweet tea is made by black tea boil juice, milk or milk powder and sugar and other modulation, which taste sweet and delicious. It is nutritious and loved by many people.

Dried Beef and Mutton:  Dried beef and mutton is a special cuisine in Tibet. By the end of every year, the Tibetan people will chop beef and button into strips when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. Then the beef and mutton is natural withering and ca be eaten in the next February and March.

Tibetan Noodles: Tibetan noodles is a special breakfast in Tibetan cuisine. The noodles are cooked in the yak meat soup. The noodles are made by barley which taste soft outside and hard inside. Tibetan people always eat Tibetan noodles with several pieces of pie and a cup of sweet tea.

Yogurt: Yogurt can be seen everywhere in Lhasa streets. Yogurt are always sold by bottles in Lhasa. The traditional way to eat yogurt is to put some sugar inside it.

Tibetan Curry: Tibetan Curry is a kind of food loved by most Tibetan people. The most common one is the curry beef rice. The Tibetan curry usually tastes spicy.

Where to eat ?

Deji Road:  There are various kinds of food on Deji Road. Besides the traditional Tibetan cuisine, food originated from all parts of China can be found here. What’s more, the food price is not expensive while tasting good.

Beijing Road: There are many famous restaurants on Beijing Road, including Ganglamedo restaurant, Snowland Restaurant and Gangji Restaurant. The second floor of Gangji restaurant faces the Jokhang Temple, so that you can enjoy its beautiful scenery while having dinner.

Barr Road:  Barr Road is a famous gathering place of food. You can not only taste some wild fish caught in the Wusuli River, but also taste the old Beijing authentic mutton slices cooked in hot pot and Roasted Duck. You can have zap feast which was only served for nobles in the past, also have homely flavor of roast chicken and salted chicken, etc.

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