Shanghai Shopping

Shanghai is praised as " Shopping Paradise" and ‘’Oriental Paris".  So you should not be missed any more than its other charming attractions if you visit Shanghai. Providing the very best of shopping has become an indispensable part of the city's tourism industry. 

Shooping Streets in Shanghai
In Shanghai, zoom in on photogenic places and please your palates. But no visit to Shanghai would be 
complete without shopping. Stroll through the hectic avenues and backstreets. Shanghai has no shortage of shopping districts where you can shell out to your hearts' content.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway
Nanjing Rd., famed as “No. 1 Street in China”, is an epitome of Shanghai 's history and culture. The 1,033-m long Pedestrian Walkway lies between the Bund and the People's Square. There are more than 600 shops on both sides of the walkway. There are not only 100-year old ones, famous brand ones but also specialty shops of different trades. At night, the whole walkway is lit up.
Yuyuan Commercial City
The area consists of the famous classical garden in south China Yuyuan Garden, the “kingdom of small articles of daily use”, and the “kingdom of delicacies”. There you will find the Old City God Temple, and the historical relic temple of Chengxiangge. A large number of rebuilt Ming and Qing dynasty-style buildings, together with the Nine-cornered Zigzag Bridge, Mid-lake Pavilion and Lotus Pond form an attractive scene for tourists. When night falls and light is on, the area attracts visitors with its glistening beauty. In the midst of competition in business Yuyuan Commercial City has become a hot sport for tourism, shopping and investment.

Huaihai Road
Huaihai Rd. at the center of city is one of the most bustling shopping streets in Shanghai. As an epitome of Shanghai's modern history, it is the showcase of its prosperity and the latest fashion with the feature of regional Shanghai culture. Huaihai Rd. facilitates a world-class shopping environment in Shanghai.

West Nanjing Road
Westgate Mall, Zhong Xin Tai Fu, Plaza 66, Jiu Guang Sogo Department Store are all around this shopping area. They mainly deal in world brand names. It has a comprehensive function of shopping, relaxation and relaxation and entertainment.  

Xujiahui  Shopping Area
XuJiaHui, with XuJiaHui Square as the center, boasts a galaxy of well-known malls-Grand Gateway, Orient Shopping Center, Pacific, Shanghai LiuBai, HuiJin Department store, Pacific Digital Plaza, Metro City, Sunrise Department store, HuiLian Department store, etc. Besides, there thrives indeally-situated Metro Shopping Plaza underground with the flow of enthusiastic shoppers.

Shopping Centers in Shanghai
Shopping centers like Super Brand Mall, Raffles City and Joy City are important elements of Shanghai's shopping scene, bringing together international boutique brands that befit the status of the city.

Super Brand Mall
The spacious Super Brand Mall has over 70 dinning venues boasting international standards, as well as a variety of entertainment and leisure facilities. In the first quarter of 2007, the mall had already welcomed over 100 internationally famous brands making it the city’s “fashion center”.

Raffile's City
Raffle's City is located next to People's Square making transport to and from extremely convenient. It has a modern, young vibe and the decoration changes with the seasons and holidays. It has all the big name clothes brands and the B1 floor is home to a food court popular with the local office workers and tourists alike.

Joy City
Joy City is an 11 floor mall with 68,000 square meters of floor space. It is targeted towards younger, more fashion conscious customers. It is home to Jinyi International Cinema, Tom's World arcade, Shanghai Gecheng KTV, and over 30 food and beverage brands. The goal is to create a new commercial landmark on the north bank of Suzhou Creek.

Special Shops in Shanghai
Small worn-out paths are flanked by old buildings of masonry where quality handicrafts - good gifts for family and friends - are available. Laozihao (time-honored) products are reminiscent of Shanghai's past.

Wuliangcai Glasses Shop
Wuliangcai opened a jewel and jade ware shop in 1720, he sold glasses also. The glasses business developed greatly, he turned his shop to a glasses shop with the name of Wuliangcai. It has produced Wuliangcai glasses since 1896. This glass has advantages of high elasticity, no deformation, anti- corrosion and fadeless.

Lao Jiefu Commercial Building
It was the largest silks and satins shop in Shanghai in 1936. It deals in silks and satins, gong satins, silks with embroidery and silk and satin quilt covers. It was rebuilt to Lao Jie Fu Commercial Building in 1993.

Hanyi Garments Cheongsam Shop
With its stop-you-in-your-tracks beauty, Cheongsam (Qipao) is proverbially paradigmatic of traditional Chinese attire for women. Have a Qipao customized for yourself.

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