Xiangxi Hotels

Traveling in Xiangxi,it is better to stay in Fenghuang Ancient City which is the most beautiful place in Xiangxi Prefcture.And it has been attracting many tourists from worldwide.So,nightlife in Fenghuang Ancient City is more colorful than Jishou City and any other towns of Xiangxi.  ​There are many  hotels and inns to stay in Fenghuang County. Hotels are mainly located outside the ancient city, But inns are mainly situated inside Fenghuang Ancient City. Except for China's national public holidays and weekends, accommodation in Phoenix Ancient City is generally not difficult and stressful.

Recommended Hotels in Fenghuang
There are more than 100 hotels in Fenghuang County. And they are all located outside the ancient city of Fenghuang. Among them, there are one four-star hotel, three similar four-star hotels, four three-star hotels, and six two-star hotels. The hotels we recommend for tourists in Fenghuang are as follows:

Phoenix Grand Hotel  Fenghuang Garden Hotel Chenlong Jinzhan Hotel 
​Phoenix International Hotel Fengtian International Hotel Fengting International Hotel

Recommended Inns & Hostels in Fenghuang
There are over 400 guesthouses, inns and hostels in Fenghuang County, most of the are located inside the ancient town of Fenghuang. Some of them are situated at the river banks of Tuojiang River. Here lists top hostels as follow which foreigners like to stay in Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Sulv Lotus · Pushu Manju River View Holiday Hostel Fenghuang Mountain Flower Valley Guest House Fenghuang Muxintang Boutique Guesthouse
Sulv Lotus · Pushu Manju River View Mountain Flower Valley Guesthouse  Muxintang Boutique Guesthouse
Floral Lux Hotel · Moon Light Fenghuang Mulan Homestay Rose Courtyard
Floral Lux Hotel  Mulan Homestay Rose Courtyard

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