Xiangxi Travel Tips

Xiangxi Prefecture refers to the western mountainous area where is  home of Tujia and Miao ethnic group. Fenghuang Ancient Town, aka Phoenix Ancient Town, is situated on the western boundary of Hunan Province. Upon arrival visitor will be impressed by its air of mystery, elegance and primitive simplicity. Based on our many years of experience in receiving tourists to travel in Fenghuang County, Here we offer you  the following travel tips  so that  you can travel safely, smoothly and comfortably in Fenghuang.
Safety in Fenghuang
1. Keep your passport and other valuables with you.
2. When taking a boat tour of the Tuojiang River, pay attention to the balance of your body and the boat when boarding and disembarking, and pay attention not to step on the air with your feet. Sitting on the boat, please wear a life jacket.
3. Don't swim in Tuojiang River.
Staying in Fenghuang
1. It is suitable for river views if you stay at the riverside inns in Fenghuang Ancient Town. With the development of tourism, there are more and more bars and restaurants in this area, which is usually noisy until midnight. If you pay attention to have nice rest and good sleep, you can consider to stay a hotel outside the ancient town. 
2. If the hotel you booked is located on the banks of Tuojiang River in Fenghuang Ancient City, our car cannot reach the hotel. Please bring your luggage to the hotel.
3. There are many guesthouses in Fenghuang Ancient City, most of which are operated by private operators, and most of them have only a few rooms or a dozen rooms.  And they do not provide disposable items.
4. Please close and lock door when entering or leaving the hotel room. Don't let strangers enter the room. 
Eating in Fenghuang
There are some special snacks and delicious food for eating if you travel in Fenghuang. But we kindly remind you to pay attention to the following when eating in Fenghuang Ancient City.
1. Kindly please pay attention to healthy eating, don't eat cold food or drink raw water. 
2. Please dine at restaurants which your tour guide recommended.
3. Don't  buy drinks and food provided by unlicensed vendors or stalls.

Visiting in Fenghuang
1. When you visit Phoenix Ancient City, kindly please follow your tour guide closely to avoid getting lost. Remember the mobile numbers of the tour guide in case you fall behind.
2. Do n’t open an umbrella into the local  Miao people ’s home.
3. Do n’t step on the threshold of other people ’s house.
4. Men and women cannot stay in the same room when staying  Miao people ’s house.
5. Don't sit at the positiong of the God direction when visiting Miao people ’s house.
6. Don't be close to married women when visiting Miao Village.
7. Don't not whistle casually at Miao or Tujia Village.
8.There are many tourists during China's National Day, Spring Festival and other holidays. We recommend that you do not travel to the ancient city of Phoenix during China's public holiday, and you go there at the rest time of all year round.

Shopping in Fenghuang
1. Keep any things with you when you do some shopping.
2. Don't count the banknotes in your wallet in public when paying.
3. There are many shops that can be bargained. It is up to you to decide how much you want to cut, and it feels reasonable. There is no so-called minimum price.

Entertainment in Fenghuang
1. There are many bars on the north bank of Tuojiang River. When night falls, there are many people singing, dancing and drinking there. It is a good place for people who like nightlife and expect to have “encounters”, but you must pay attention to your personal safety and property safety.
2. When you are free at night, you should go together and inform the guide or your other persons of the general activities and scope of activities.
3. When putting river lanterns on the riversides of Tuojiang River at night, please go with your companions. And don’t go down into the river, you must pay attention to your property and personal safety,

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