Nightlife In Xiangxi

Traveling in Xiangxi,it is better to stay in Fenghuang Ancient City which is the most beautiful place in Xiangxi Prefcture.And it has been attracting many tourists from worldwide.So,nightlife in Fenghuang Ancient City is more colorful than Jishou City and any other towns of Xiangxi. 

Top activities at night in Xiangxi

See night-view of Fenghuang Town
The main attraction of Fenghuang Ancient City is the night view of the Tuojiang River. There are many restaurants on the riverside, you can walk along the river-side and watch the river view. It is said that Phoenix Town is a place for affair. Well, there are indeed quite beautiful girls in the town. Here you can walk along the river-side, go shopping at the Fenghuang Folk Crafts Street, or have a night tour of Tuojiang Cruise.

Night view of Fenghuang Town Night Cruise of Tuojiang River  Shoping at the Folk Crafts Street

Watch the Show of Biancheng
The Show of "Biancheng", also the show of "Border Town", is put on the Dreaming Crossing Theater in Fenghuang Ancient Town eavery night.  The drama is mainly based on the story of the literary master Shen Congwen's book "Border Town", and the character "Cui Cui" is the main line. It is a large-scale folk drama that is rich in Xiangxi humanity.


Bars ,Cafe, in Fenghuang
There are many bars and cafes in Fenghuang Town. It is famous for the Bar Street on the bank of the Tuojiang River. Inside the ancient town, it is also easily to find a bar. But the bar street is better. Here lists some famous bars in Fenghuang Ancient City....more

Elope Bar
Elope Bar, also known as 私奔吧 (sī bēn ba) in Chinese,  is a literary bar nearby Rainbow Bridge in Fenghuang Anicent Town. The interior decoration is dim but it   is very lively at night. 
Here you can look out the night view of Feanghuang Town from the window . Coming here,  you can order a plate of fruit, and have beer or Caffe,  listen to the singers singing wonderful songs, so that you are sure to feel the different beauty of Fenghuang Ancient Town.
Add: No. C-101, Jiangtian Square, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture
Bianke Bar 
Bianke Bar (边客酒吧) is one of the most petty bar. It turned out to be a poetry club with various books and magazines, as well as different styles of furniture and pictures.The gate of the bar is very old-fashioned with ancient slate steps. Here are lamps made of bamboo, cloth, paper and twine, it is extremely chic.
Address: No. 19 Shawan, Fenghuang Ancient City, Xiangxi Prefecture
Phone: 0743-3260411
Soul Cafe 
Soul Cafe  is a well-known cafe in Fenghuang Town. There are several branches in Fenghuang, and the head office is beside the Tuojiang River. The price is slightly expensive, but the decoration of the Cafe House is exquisite and chic. Here the environment is warm and comfortable. It is recommended latte here, as well as tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake, especially tiramisu, It is suitable for soaking in the negative layer in the morning.
Address: No. 17, Huilong Pavilion, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture,  Hunan Province
Phone: 0743-3229927
Bi'an Xiejiao Bar
Bi'an Xiejiao Bar (彼岸歇脚吧)  is located in Huilong Pavilion Anicent Alley in Fenghuang Anicent Town. It is a quiet bar. The bar offers freshly made coffee, milk tea, beer, wine, cocktails. It also serves live singing. The slow music and the swaying candlelight will make you very relaxing.
Address: Huilong Pavilion Alley, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture,  Hunan Province

Yisu Coffee
Yisu Coffee is different from other coffee shops in Phoenix town, many foreigners like to come this coffee shop. It is famous for pizza here which seems to be very popular. This is also a favorite of foreigners. Is there a cup of coffee?...
Add: No.16, Laoyingshao Street,Fenghuang Town


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