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Bus Stations in Gansu

     Lanzhou Bus Station
  Address: 129 Pingliang Road, Lanzhou, Gansu
  Tel: 0931-8619813

  Lanzhou East Bus Station
  Address: Gansu province Lanzhou city Pingliang District Road No. 193
  Tel: 0931-2663285

  Lanzhou Southeast Bus Station
  Address: Langongping, Lanzhou, Gansu
  Tel: 0931-2914066

  Lanzhou Tianshui Road Bus Station
  Address: 110 Tianshui Road, Lanzhou, Gansu
  Tel: 8618676

  LanZhou West Bus Station
  Address: 456 Xijin East Road, Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu
  Tel: 0931-2663285

  Baiyin Bus Station
  Address: 2 People's Road, Baiyin District, Baiyin
  Tel: 0943-6915288

  Jingtai Bus Station of Baiyin
  Address: Qilingwu Road, Jingtai County, Baiyin
  Tel: 0943-6915288

  Pingchuan Bus Station of Baiyin
  Address: Panxuan Road, Pingchuan District, Baiyin (opposite Pingchuan Hotel)
  Tel: 0943-6628354

  Huining Ya’ou Bus Station of Baiyin
  Address: by the Traffic Police Brigade of the New District, Taohuashan Zone, Huining, Baiyin
  Tel: 0943-3221750

  Passenger Service Station of Jingyuan, Baiyin
  Address: 15 Ulan East Road, Jingyuan, Baiyin (near Tietong)
  Tel: 0943-6122288

  Dingxi Bus Station
  Address: South of Fengcheng Hotel
  Tel: 0932-8212373

  Dingxi Bus Station
  Address: Anding District of Dingxi City
  Tel: 0932-8212373

  Pingliang East Bus Station
  Address: 68 Liberation North Road, Pingliang
  Tel: 0933-8631271

  Jingning Passenger Service Station of Pingliang
  Address: Dongguan Street, Jingning, Pingliang
  Tel: 0933-2521556

  Xijiao Bus Station of Pingliang
  The western suburbs of Pingliang city bus station
  Address: Southwest Road of National Highway 312, Pingliang
  Tel: 0933-8712534

  Pingliang Bus Station
  Address: Kongtong District of Pingliang, Gansu
  Tel: 0933-8631272

  Jingchuan Bus Station of Pingliang
  Address: 2 Construction Road, Chengguan, Jingchuan, Pingliang
  Tel: 0933-3321852

  Xifeng West Bus Station of Qingyang
  Address: 1 Changqing North Road, Xifeng District of Xifeng, Qingyang
  Tel: 0934-8610914/8621842

  Qingcheng South Bus Station of Qingyang
  Address: 231 North Street, Qingcheng, Qingyang
  Tel: 0934-3210410

  Qingyang North Bus Station
  Address: 16 Middle Section of Guxiangdong Road, Qingyang
  Tel: 0934-8662322

  Huan County Bus Station of Qingyang
  Address: Panxuan Road, Huancheng, Huanxian, Qingyang
  Tel: 0934-4427574

  Wudu Bus Station of Longnan
  Address: Bell Tower Tan, Wudu, Longnan
  Tel: 0939-8250156

  Wenxian Bus Station of Longnan
  Address: 1 East Street, Chengguan, Wenxian, Longnan
  Tel: 0939-5525623

  Lixian Bus Station of Longnan
  Address: 9 Dongxin Road, Lixian, Longnan
  Tel: 0939-4426711

  Chengxian Bus Station of Longnan
  Address: Dongxin Street, Chengxian, Longnan
  Tel: 0939-3212579

  Huixian Bus Station of Longnan
  Address: near the National Road 316 of Industrial Zone Bridge, Huixian, Longnan
  Tel: 0939-7527066

  General Bus Station of Tianshui
  Address: 46 Taishan East Road, Tianshui
  Tel: 0938-8214028

  Tianshui Bus Station
  Address: 31 Taishan East Road, Taizhou District, Tianshui
  Tel: 0938-8212587/8214028

  Nanhu Bus Station of Tianshui
  Address: the Public Road, Taizhou District, Tianshui (bus ticket office of Blue Sky Bus Station)
  Tel: 0938-8210400

  Zhangjiachuan Bus Station of Tianshui
  Address: Qiaonan Road, Zhangjiachuan, Tianshui
  Tel: 0938-7881070

  Wushan Bus Station of Tianshui
  Address: opposite the Railway Station, Binhe Road, Wushan Tianshui
  Tel: 0938-3410833

  Linxia South Bus Station
  Address: 70 Liberation South Road
  Tel: 0930-6313092

  Jishishan Bus Station
  Address: near 10 Linxia Road
  Tel: 0930-7723720

  Linxia East Bus Station
  Address: Linxia, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture
  Tel: 0930-6215283

  Xiahe Public Bus Station
  Address: Xiahe, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
  Tel: 0941-7121462

  Garden Bus Station
  Address: Diebu, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  Fungus Bus Station
  Address: Zhuoni, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  Moraceae Bus Station
  Address: Xiahe, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  Wuwei Bus Station
  Address: Nangua Middle Road, Wuwei (opposite the Mass Market)
  Tel: 0935-2227913

  Liangzhou North Bus Station of Wuwei
  Address: North Second Ring Road, Liangzhou, Wuwei
  Tel: 0935-2315069

  Wuwei West Bus Station
  Address: Xiguan East Road, Wuwei
  Tel: 0935-2233986

  Minqin Bus Station of Wuwei
  Address:East Main Street, Minqin, Wuwei
  Tel: 0935-4124338

  Tianzhu Bus Station of Wuwei
  Address: T-junction of Paradise Road, Tianzhu, Wuwei
  Tel: 0935-3124750

  Zhangye Bus Station
  Address: 621Huancheng West Road, Zhangye
  Tel: 0936-8213067

  Zhangye West Bus Station
  Address: Southern Section of East Ring Road, Zhangye (near the Chinese Medicine Hospital)
  Tel: 0936-8270096

  Zhangye South Bus Station
  Address: 478 South Ring Road, Zhangye
  Tel: 0936-8240019

  Xiguan Bus Station of Gaotai, Zhangye
  Address: Xiguan Bus Station, Chengguan, Gaotai, Zhangye
  Tel: 0936-6631501

  Minle Bus Station of Zhangye
  Address: North Ring Road, Chengbei, Minle, Zhangye
  Tel: 0936-4421201

  Jinchang Bus Station
  Address: near 28-1 Xinhua Road, Jinchang
  Tel: 0935-8213832

  Yongchang Bus Station of Jinchang
  Address: Nanguan Road, Chengguan, Yongchang, Jinchang
  Tel: 0935-7522910

  Jiayuguan Bus Station
  Address:13 Lanxin West Road, Jiayuguan
  Tel: 0937-6224010

  Jiuquan Bus Station
  Address: Xiguan Road, Suzhou District, Jiuquan
  Tel: 0937-2603103

  Anxi Guazhou Liuyuan Bus Station of Jiuquan
  Address: 7 Nanguan Road, Liuyuan, Jiuquan
  Tel: 0937-5572681

  Jiuquan East Bus Station
  Address: 54 Panxuan East Road, Suzhou District, Jiuquan
  Tel: 0937-2682643

  Anxi Bus Station of Jiuquan
  Address: Guazhou Street, Guazhou, Jiuquan
  Tel: 0937-5522875

  Liuyuan Bus Station of Jiuquan
  Address: 7 Nanguan Road, Liuyuan, Guazhou, Jiuquan
  Tel: 0937-5572330/5572681

  Dunhuang city bus station
  Address: Sanwei Road East Bridge, Shazhou, Dunhuang (near the Jian Rong market)
  Tel: 0937-8822174

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