Hezhou Travel Guide

Hezhou city is situated in the northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, neighboring Guangdong and Hunan provinces in the east and north. Within the Guangxi, it is bounded on the west by Guilin City and on the south by Wuzhou City. 
Facts of Hezhou
Chinese Name: 贺州 (hè zhōu)
Location:  in the northeast part of Guangxi 
Area: 11,855 square kilometers (4,577 square miles)
opulation: 2,100,000  
Nationalities: Han, Yao 
Administrative Division: 2 districts (Babu, Pinggui), 2 counties (Zhaoping, Zhongshan), and 1 autonomous county (Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County).

History of Hezhou
He Shire as the first administrative organization in this area was set up by the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdom Period (220-280). It was changed to Hezhou (prefecture) later in the Sui Dynasty (581-618).   On July 3, 2002, the prefecture-level Hezhou City was established.

What to see in Hezhou?
Hezhou is situated in the hilly area in southeastern Guangxi, and its terrain generally slopes downward from the north to the south. Here lists top attractions in Hezhou.

Yangmei town1.jpg Guposhan1.jpg
Yushilin Scenic Area  Yangmei Ancient Town Guposhan National Forest Park

When to visit Hezhou?
Hezhou enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, and the weather is characterized by moderate temperature, sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall.The annual average temperature is between 19.2 ℃ ~ 19.9 ℃, the annual average sunshine hours are 1439.4 hours to 1588.7 hours, and the average annual precipitation is 1558.1mm ~ 2012.1mm.You can visit there all the year round.

How to reach Hezhou?
Hezhou Airport is in the plan now and it will be built in Huilong Town, Zhongshan County. With Hezhou as the center, highways can stretch to Guilin, Liuzhou, Nanning and Guangzhou.
The local bus station is sited at 2, Qianjin Xi Lu of Babu District, from which buses go to Yangshuo in three hours and to Guilin in about four hours.
Hezhou is located at the convergent area jointing up Guangxi, Hunan and Guangdong provinces. The road transportation of the city is well developed. 

Hezhou Travel Tips
The city proper of this area is not big. The urban area that has been completely constructed is only 15 square kilometers (6 square miles). The most stunning natural scenery is in the suburbs and countryside. 
In addition, colorful traditional festivals of ethnic minorities are most attractive, including Panwang Festival and Qingren (Valentines') Festival the Yao ethnic minority, Temple Fair and the song festival in the third day of the third lunar month.
Special Local Products: Baimao Tea, silkworm, honey dates, sun-cured tobacco, green plums.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0774-5123189
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China Branch: 80, Jianshe Dong Lu, Babu District
China Post Branch: Jianshe Zhong Lu, Babu District,Hezhou City

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