Changtiai Tujia Village

Changtiai Village (长梯隘村)is located in Luoping Township, northwest of Shimen County. Bordering with Hubei Province, Changti'ai Village is a Tujia Ethnic Village which is featured with rich Karst landform. Karst cave, Tiankeng (sky hole), stone forest are common to see. Karst caves alone range from 300 meters to 800 meters in height.
In 2011, Human teeth fossil have been discovered in Shimen Teeth Cave .The cave is located on a cliff in Changtiai Village.. Large amounts of teeth were hidden inside, which is not a new discovery for the locals. The teeth cave is surrounded by the biggest “Tiankeng” (Sky Hole) and the most spacious karst cave. It is close to a deep valley with a stream at the bottom, 30-40 meter away to the top. Across from the cave is Hupingshan, a national nature reserve, surrounded by verdant trees where lots of macaques can be seen playing.
Built in the Ming Dynasty( 1368-1644), Changti'ai village has its unique scenery, profound rural culture, colorful folk customs, and orderly management. It is not only a wonderful home for local farmers, but also the best scenic area for urban residents to linger with their rural nostalgia.In 2014, it was selected as one of the China's Best Leisure Countrysides.

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