Huping Mountain,the highest peak of Hunan

Huping Mountain is located in the Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve of Shimen County, northwest of Hunan Province. With 2,098 meters above the sea level, Huping Mountain is the highest mountain in the province and it is also praised as " the Roof of Hunan ".  

Huping Mountain National Nature Reserve
In 1994, Huping Mountain was promoted as a national natural reserve in 1994 by State Council to protect wildlife such as the endangered south China tiger and their habitats , Gongtong and other rare plants and their community. 
It borders on the east to Taiping town in Shimen county, on the south to Suojie village, on the west to Luoping village and Dongshanfeng Directorial Area, and on the north to Wufeng county and Hefeng county in Hubei province. . With a total area of 66,568 hectares, It belongs to the national nature reserve of forest ecological type.  The primeval forest area of 40000 mu, woody plants have 831 species, including 28 plants as the national key protective plants. There are 1019 species of medicinal plants, 350 kinds of wild animal. Biological experts call it “Green Treasure Hidden Gold”.

What to see in Huping Mountain
Huping Mountain Nature Reserve Tourism is eco-tourism with a main landscape feature of the primeval secondary forest, canyon and peak. Now, it has opened two tourism ecological lines including Shizhanzi groove and Xiangbizi groove.

Flying Waterfalls

For less adventurous visitors, the mountain's biggest waterfall is the next attraction. It has been praised for its beauty and power for centuries. 
But when visitors walk into the Bizigou, they will be surprised to find many other waterfalls dropping gracefully into the narrow valley. In one section, there are dozens of waterfalls of different sizes falling in plumes of white foaming thunder onto huge boulders on the floor of the valley.
Most of the more spectacular waterfalls have their own names such as Beauty Waterfall, where several beauties were said to have been seen bathing in ancient times.
Another is named Tongziniao (Boy's weewee) Waterfall because it looks like a little boy doing weewee from the mountain.
Bathed in the moisture provided by the waterfalls, the trees and grasses are more green and fresh than visitors are used to.

Steep Valleys

To view more beautiful waterfalls, travelers must pass through some narrower valleys. Dozens of rivers and waterfalls that have been flowing for hundreds of thousands of years have carved out these deep and sheer valleys.High trees shelter the valleys and even on sunny days, the light in some of the valleys is a little dim.
In some valleys with their steep sides more than 800 meters high, it can be a little frightening, as if the waterfall roaring down could swallow its visitors.Care should be taken when climbing in some valleys because they can narrow quite sharply and it can be difficult to pass.
Valleys such as Jinjiahe Valley, Xianglianhe Valley and Huanglianhe Valley with different but beautiful views are all worth visiting.Some peaks in the surrounding mountains look strange. After many thousands of years of wind and rain, some strange-looking stone bridges, caves and cracks have been created by Mother Nature.

Mount in Sunset

The region is also famous for its colorful sunsets. More than 6,500 kinds of flora and fauna live and grow around Huping Mountain. Wenfeng Peak stands lonely against the sky to the north of Huping Mountain. It looks like a bamboo shoot from the southwest. But if you stand to the northwest of the peak, it looks like a pile of donkey manure and its original name was "Donkey Shit Peak".
The poet Li Bai, mentioned above, thought the name was not elegant so he changed it to Wenfeng Peak.Farmers have tamed the wild mountain with terrace fields and it now has layers of green growth in the spring and summer, while in the autumn, it looks golden.
Huping Mountain, the highest peak in the province, looks like a bottle or a teapot cap, so it was named "Huping" (teapot bottle). The blooms of red azaleas on Huping perfectly match the high boxwoods and hiking there is a happy experience.

Travel Tips
Ticket Fee:  CNY 98
Address:  110 km north to Shimen County, Hunan Province
How to get there:  There are long-distance buses from Zhangjiajie and Changsha to Shimen County . There are trains going to Shimen County from Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Kunming,Xi'an,etc.Tourists need to take bus and transfer to Huping Mountain after they get to Shimen County or Zhangjiajie City. At Shimen Western Bus Station, the Buses driving to Jiangping and Nanping can bring you to Huping Mountain.

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