Huayanxi Scenic Area

Huayanxi Scenic Area is a national 3A scenic area which is 50 kilometers southwest of Changde City. as well as 30 km away from Taohuayuan Scenic Area. Covering a total area of 45 km², Huayanxi National Forest Park is composed of such five scenic areas as the central area, Wuxi Lake, Longfeng Lake, Mount Xianchi and Mount Qifeng. 
The resort possesses abundant plant and animal resources, including 1089 rare plants and 326 rare animals under state protection. During March to October every year, hundreds of thousands of aigrettes inhabit here, hence the name of “China land of aigrette”, which attracts numbers of tourists to come for sightseeing and holiday.

From March to September every year, thousands of egrets come to this place, presenting a fascinating sight.

Travel Tips
Admission Fee: CNY20
Opening Hours : 08:00-18:00
Visiting hours: 2-3 hours
Transport :  Take a bus from Changde to Dingcheng District Stadium and and with a transfer you can get to the park.

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