Our Advantages

What makes us Zhangjiajieholiday different from other tour operators? We can offer you a unique China tour experience because

1. Over 30 years Professional Experience
2. Knowledgeable Tour Advisors
3. 24/7 Customer Care
4. Flexible Designed Tour for Each Clients
5. Various Kinds of Service You Can Choose

Over 30 years Professional Experience
Over 3 0 years of professional service has earned us a strong reputation for our knowledge, experience, efficiency and integrity. Since the development period of China tourism industry, we had already been the leading agency in China inbound tour service filed. And till now, the mature tour operation technology has been highly praised by our clients every year. Also because of our over 50 years professional experience, we know it is necessary to keep catching the latest travel trends in the marketing, thus we can always offer clients a unique China tour.

Knowledgeable Tour Advisors
Our tour advisors all are experienced because we love traveling, Each of us has been to so many destinations in China, both the hot destinations such as Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and those mysterious places such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet. We are reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable to design a comfortable, special, and joyful China tour in reasonable price. In a word, we know how to avoid wasting time and money in your tour.

24/7 Customer Care
From you send a China tour enquiry till your China tour finish, we will be at service for you all the way. We welcome your voices from calls, emails, online chats, and even, if you would like to have a visit to our office. If you have any questions such as how to book the tour, how to pay for the money, or any idea on the itinerary design, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Flexible Designed Tour for Each Clients
Zhangjiajieholiday has been helping contemporary travelers discover the wonders of China since 1984, employing experienced local tour guides and escorts and developing a service and accommodation network to provide the safest and most comfortable tours. So this network ensure a tailor-made tour service for each clients. If you you are looking for a cultural tour, a family tour, a photography tour, or a hiking tour, we can design. The flexible designed itinerary is our main service and highly recommended to you. The designed tour service can be customized according to the requests from all ages including the travelers with kids, the travelers with grandparents, the travelers who prefer hiking, or the travelers who prefer leisure, etc.

 Various Kinds of Service You Can Choose
Various kinds of service including designed China tours, China hotel bookings, business travel arrangements, incentive trips, all related land service can be offered for you.

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