Tongguan Kiln of Changsha

Tongguan Kiln of Changsha was one of the most famous ancient kilns, during the period between the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and Five Dynasties (907-960). It is well known for creating the first red glaze and colorful underglaze in its porcelain. It was also the first kiln to decorate its porcelain with more than just artwork. Its decorations came to include elements such as poems, proses, advertisements, inscriptions, characters, flowers and birds. During the Tang Dynasty, these products found their way to over 29 different countries and regions. For the reason, it remains one of the greatest contributors to the spread of Chinese ceramic culture.

In March 2010, China's first National Archaeological Relic Park was officially launched- Tongguan Kiln of Changsha National Archaeological Park. It recognizes the brilliance of the famous kiln in its flourishing period during the Tang Dynasty. A poem in that period described it appropriately:"Fire blazing in the mouth of the Xiangjiang River, Smoke thickening in the clouds in Dongting Lake". In May 2010, the “Firing Technique of porcelain of Tongguan Kiln of Changsha” was listed as national protection of Intangible cultural heritage. In this way the inheritance and development of Changsha Kiln has been recognized and popularised.

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