Famous Snacks in Huaihua

Huaihua is the largest city and a transportation hub in western Hunan Province. The Miao and Dong villages, ancient towns,museums in the ancient Hongjiang City, Zhijiang County and Tongdao County are the main attractions in Huaihua. Here are some restaurants for your reference when dining in Huaihua City.

Yuanling Crisp Sugar 
With more than 500 years of production history, Yuanling Crisp Sugar was originated in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1844) . The making progress of Yuanling crispy sugar is unique compared to other places, and its exquisiteness is in the making of fillings. Yuanling Crisp Sugar is soft, it does not stick to one's teeth. With nice flavor, it is made of the pure maltose raw materials without any additives. This is a traditional craftsmanship, and it is all handmade. At present, It is only the old-fashioned sugar factory  to produce authentic Yuanling Crisp Sugar.

Xinhuang Yellow Cattle Beef
Xinhuang Yellow Cattle is one of the best cattle breeds in southern China. The Yellow cattle beef is the main specialty of Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County of Hunan Province. The Yellow cattle beef is characterized by tender meat, rich and unique flavor,  high nutritional value. First, it has high water-soluble flavor and nutrient content, tender meat, strong taste and aroma. Second, the amino acid content is very rich, and the meat is delicious. The third is the high content of mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. The cold-fresh beef and cured beef produced by the Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County are exported to Singapore and other countries in southeast Asian.
Jingzhou carved preserved fruit 
huaihua food2.jpgJingzhou carved preserved fruit is a kind of ethnic food with unique features, and an exquisite handiwork. It is a perfect combination of cuisine culture and ethnic culture. Originated from East Zhou Dynasty (770 B.C. - 249 B.C.),it was selected as an imperial tribute to the Royal Court for generations.The making technique is mainly passed down by inheritors living in Quyang Town of Jingzhou County in southwest Hunan and its surroundings.
Boasting a long history, Jingzhou carved preserved fruit is the product of women’s superb craftsmanship. Unripe pomelo is the most common fruit to be caved and preserved. It will be first cut into slices, on which a variety of patterns including dragon, phoenix, fish, shrimp, flower, birds, insects and leaves are carved. Later, slices will be mixed with white sugar or honey after rinsing and dry them in the sun.

Hongjiang Oil-lamp Cake
The Oil-lamp Cake is a popular snack in Hongjiang City. Because it is the same size as the old oil-lamp in China. The tool for making the Oil-lamp Cake is a long hook with a tip made of tin, and its other end has a round mold which is the same size as a oil-lamp. Use this mold to serve rice paste, mix with chives, Fragrant dried diced, allspice powder, paprika powder, and salt to be fried in the oil pan and then poured out. It completes nice color and fragrance.

Zhijiang Sour Radish
Zhijiang Sour Radish is made from  a special white radish grown in the soil. As a kind of famous snacks in Zhijiang County, it is marinated in the altar for several days, and then mixed with oil, pepper and coriander foam. Although every house can produce it, the ones that can most impact the taste of the public are recommended to go to the Tang's Sour Radish Shop in the middle of Qijiang Pedestrian Street and Tan's Sour Radish Shop close to Zhijiang Bus Station.

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