Loudi Dining

Do you like Loudi Dinning? Located in central part of Hunan Province, Loudi Cuisine and Food are similar with the other cities such as Changsha, Xiangtan, Shaoyang. Loudi Cuisine  belongs to Xiang Cuisine.Local dishes are delicately cooked with plentiful ingredients, cutting skill, degree of cooking, colour and appearance all being of the utmost importance. Cooking methods include stewing, simmering, curing, steaming, stir-frying, frying, and quick-frying. The flavours are pungent, fresh and fragrant. Such dishes as hot and spicy chicken, stir-fried tripe slivers, tripe in duck's web soup, and dried scallops with steamed egg-whites are all typical food.

Famous snacks in Loudi

Feng Family Rice Tea
it is brewed with tender fine tea leaves with a rich aroma. In 1986 the Feng Family Rice Tea was renamed "Yueya", or “Crescent Moon” Tea. It tastes even better.
The Cup Cake
It is shaped like a gold ingot as large as a baby's fist, sweet and transparent. The cake comes into two colors: yellow and white.
"Three in One" Soup
Cut tender and fat into stripes, cut fresh tender beef into slices, cut cooked cattle clots into cubes. Boil them with the spices of aniseeds, cinnamon bark, fennel, pepper and rice vinegar. When the soup is done, garnish it with minced chili pepper and spring union.

Restaurants In Loudi

Kangyan Shengshi Restaurant
Add: Next to Fire bridge Building, S. Fuqing Rd., Loudi
Tel: (86)738-8810888

Weiboshi General Store, Loudi
Tel: (86)738-8315962

Chunyuan Gourmet Plaza
Add: 4/F, Modern Department Store, Chunyuan Pedestrian Street, Loudi
Tel: (86)738- 6772266

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