Loudi Nightlife

Loudi City, known as the "capital of antimony in the world", the "100-mile coal sea", and the "10-mile Iron City", is showing its brilliant glamour with the rising industrial tourism industry. In the city, nightlife is also rich and colorful.Don't miss the nightlife while you travel in Loudi.

Dihao KTV
Located at the north gate of Jingu Market, Dihao KTV is equipped with good-quality imported sound equipment. Adhering to people-oriented service, Dihao KTV provides an affordable and high-quality service for customers.

Jindian International Cinema
It inherits the style of Warner International Cinema, exhibiting its artistic and comfortable design and international idea. There are five halls, having a capacity of 776. The spacious and comfortable sofa like chairs reveal the serving spirit of the cinema and its scientific design fully exhibits the cinema’s humanistic nature.

Feishui Drifting Tea House
Add: Chunyuan Road, Louxing District
Tel: 0738-8233802

Huxiang Tea house
Add: Louxing District, Loudi
Tel: 0738-8122999


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