Loudi Shopping

How about Shopping in Loudi City ? Loudi is a beautiful city which is located in central part of Hunan Province. Products are rich and colorful in Loudi City. Visitors usually like to buy some special products while they travel in Loudi City.
What to buy in Loudi?

Xinhua Decorative Procelain
Xinhua decorative porcelain is well-known in China and abroad for its dazzling glazing and fine texture. The products are divided into four kinds: carving sculpture, kneading sculpture, openwork sculpture and pressing sculpture.

Yongfeng Chili Sauce
The main ingredients of Yongfeng Chili Sauce are chili pepper, soy beans and glutinous rice flour, all Yongfeng local products. The mixture is steamed, fermented, ground and aired in cool morning to be matured. The sauce goes well with wine and food.

Tieshan Red Bayberry from Lengshuijiang
There are many varieties of Tieshan red bayberry. One variety bears fruit as large as a walnut. The fleshy fruit, either in white or black color, has a small stone. The variety that bears smaller fruit is called "Gold Coin". Its fruit is a good spice.

Where to Buy in Loudi?

Chunyuan Pedestrian Street
Located near Central Square in Loudi, the pedestrian street is composed of Choice Commodities Street, Household Applicances Street, Fashion Street and Entertainment Street.It is a comprehensive area of shopping, catering service and entertainment.

Jiuyi Pedestrian Street
Located on the eastern side of Chunyuan Park, the pedestrian street board more than 340 stores if clothes, household appliances and jewelry. It is a modern, high-class shopping area

Hunan Zhongyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
Add: No.73, Changqingzhong Street, Loudi
Tel: (86) 738-1234567

Loudi Qianyuqianxiu Boutique
Add: No. 188, Fourth District, Loudi Grand Bazaar
Tel: (86)738-6429918

Xinyijia Supermarket
Add: No.17-19, Dixing Rd., Loudi
Tel: (86) 738-7234567

Louvre Euramerican Furnishings
Add: Xiangyang Street, Loudi
Tel: (86) 738-8293377

Gome Home Aplliance
Add: No.22, Dixing Rd., Loudi
Tel: (86) 738-8928286

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