Xingde Mountain

Xingde Mountain is located at the border of Taoyuan, Shimen and Cili counties, in northwest Hunan Province. Aa a part of the 48-Stockade Scenic Area,  Xingde Mountain is  one of the famous Taoist Mountains in Hunan Province.
 Xingde Mountain is mainly embodied in the " four wonders " - the spectacle, the Qisong, the strange stone, the Qifeng, especially the wonders. The beautiful Xingde Mountain is 842.5 meters high. It is across the mountain from the five-lei mountain of the Cili Taoist Holy Land. It is a famous Taoist mountain with a natural and human landscape and a profound cultural heritage. The star uterus on the Xingde Mountain is exquisitely carved.
Xingde Mountain is a paradise for hiking. It usually takes 4 hours trekking and visiting if you start walk from Laopeng Village or Mingxing village.

Travel Tips
Add: at the border of Laopeng Village of Zhangjaijie's Cili County and Mingxing Village of Changde's Taoyuan County,Hunan Province
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
Entrance Fee: CNY 50

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