Cili Travel Guide

Cili County is under the administration of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan province,China.It is located in the east part of Zhangjiajie City and it borders Shimen and Taoyuan Counties in the prefecture-level City of Changde in all directions except for the west.With a total area of 3480 sq kilometers,Cili County has a population of 709,000 which lives in 31 townships in the county.Lingyang Town,Jiangya Town and Xikou Town are the top three towns in Cili County.Lingyang Town is the capital of Cili County.
Facts of Cili County
Chinese Name :  慈利县(Cí lì Xiàn
Area: 3480 square kilometers 
Population: 709,000   
Nationalities: Tujia,Han 
Seat of the City Government:  Lingyang Town, Cili County of  Zhangjiajie City

History of Cili

In 221 BC,the County of Cigu,former name of Cili County, was founded under the administration of Qianzhong Prefecture by Qin Shihuang,the first emperor in the Qin Dynasty,Recently a tomb was discovered around Cili that was 2,200 years old. Among the items discovered was a bronze cooking vessel that contained fish. The tomb was that of an ancient senior official.

In 195 BC,the name of Cigu County was changed as Lingyang County in the Han Dynasty,and it was renamed as Cili County in 598,Sui Dynasty.Cili County has been under the administration of Zhangjiajie City since 1988.

Top Attractions in Cili 

With some scenic spots and culture sites,Cili County is a must-see place while you travel in Zhangjiajie.Here lists some top attractions in Cili County.

The 48-Stockade Scenic Area Wulei Mountain  Xingde Mountain
5 Days Zhangjiajie Glass BridgeTour Wanfu Hot Spring1.jpg Jiangya Hot Spring1.jpg
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Wanfu Hot Spring Jiangya Hot Spring
Earth Seam,Cili County,Zhangjiajie Laopeng Village
Chaoyang Earth Seam  Laopeng Ancient Village Dragon King Cave

When to Visit Cili County?

Located in the north middle latitude, Cili also has distinct four seasons and provides comfortable weather for visitors. Cili enjoys central Asia tropical mountain prototype monsoon climate with distinct four seasons. In spring and summer, it is cool while in autumn and winter, it is warm. The average temperature is 16.4 to 16.8 °C and the frost-free periods last 245 to 268 days.... More read: Zhangjiajie Weather

How to get to Cili ?

Cili County is  located in the east part of Zhangjiajie City and also your the first gate way while you travel from Changsha.  Visitors cann take trains,flights,long-distance bus from Changsha,Zhangjiajie, Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanghai and other major cities of China to Cili County of Zhangjiajie City... Read More: Zhangjiajie Transportation

Cili Travel Tips

As the top tourism site of Zhangjiajie, Cili Countyis the place of must-see and must-stay while you travel in Zhangjiajie.  It is the center of business of Zhangjiajie. It is the best place for most visitors to do shopping, spend nightlife, and enjoy local dishes while you travel in Cili.

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