Zhangjiajie Shopping

As a city with a beautiful natural environment, Zhangjaijie has many special local products. Because there are three ethnic minority groups in Zhangjiajie (the Tujia, the Bai and the Miao), many beautiful handicrafts are produced here.If you don't buy some local souvenirs for your family or your friends when you come to Zhangjiajie, you'll regret it later.

What to buy in Zhangjiajie?
When you go shopping in Zhangjiajie, pay attention to what you buy. Make sure any local products you buy can be easily carried and are permitted on a plane or train.
Tujia Stickup Picture Tujia Brocade Tujia Batik
Kudzu Powder
Tujia Brocade Rock Tripe 岩耳   Kudzu Powder

Local Fruits in Zhangjiajie
Chinese gooseberry is the best fruit in Zhangjiajie. Sangzhi County is the hometown of the Chinese gooseberry. There are many other fruits here also such as the Sweet Orange, the Jinxiang grapefruit, the Chinese chestnut, and the Hazelnut. You can buy them in the supermarket.
 August Melon  Chestnut
Kiwi  August Melon Chestnut
Jinxiang Pomelo Zhangjiajie  Tangerines
Jinxiang Pomelo  Chrysanthemum core pomelo

Zhangjiajie Tea
As a tea-producing area, Zhangjiajie boasts many famous brand teas such as Qingyan (green rock),Mingcui (tea green) Tea, and Longxia (lobster) Tea. Around Zhangjiajie, there are also Maoyanmei Tea, Duzhong Tea, Yunwu (cloud and mist) Tea and Maofeng Tea from Tianzi Mountain, and Maojian Tea from the Suoxiyu Natural Resource Reserve.
Maoyan Raspberry Tea TeaLobster Flower  Eucommia Ulmoides Tea

Where to buy ?
Recently, many shopping centers have been built in Zhangjiajie improving the shopping environment. The following is some information about its shopping centers:

Department Store
Address: Jiefang Road
Getting there: Take bus No.2, 3, 5, 6, or 7.

Many Supermarket
Address: across from the Department Store
Getting there: Take bus No. 5, 7 to arrive.

Guanghe Shopping Center
Address: at Jinhua Yuan, Lingyuan Road (North), Yongding District
Getting there: Take bus No.10 to arrive.

Many Shopping Center
Address: across from the Oriental Pearl, Jiefang Road

Hualian Supermarket
Address: Huilong Road
Getting there: Take bus No.1, 2, 3, or 5.

Xibu Alley
Address: Suoxiyu Town, Wulingyuan District
Getting there: Walk to the Baofeng Bridge,the  Xibu Alley is located on the band of Suoxi River, Wulingyuan District.
Zhangjiajie Tangerines


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